Sunday, July 29, 2012

Goin' Outback with Ray and his mate Gus

Ray still hasn't got his test results from the EEG back yet.
His school friend from the U.S. visited and Ray wanted to show him the Outback.
So, I went to do most of the driving.
Its too much for Ray.

Our Nissan Patrol runs on L.P.G. gas and petrol.
One runs out and we switch over to the other one.
Ray always thinks, we will make it to the next Service station, BUT, we ran out~
Always, carry a spare Petrol can.
Next our starter motor died, so leaving our vehicle to be repaired, we hired a substitute and were given a miners 4wd. It had a flashing light on top and a two way radio inside.
About Outback.... Cattle and sheep. Animals wandering on the highways, meaning having to stop and wait.
Droving, Hard work, Giro-copters, Road Trains up to six trailers long and the Flying Doctor.  
A country Homestead.  Wide covered veranda's protecting from the elements.
Devil's Marbals, Northern Territory.
The Ghost Gums (Tree) have white trunks that seem to glow at night and look spooky.
If you run you hand down the trunk the white comes off on your hands.
 Stopping for Petrol at a 'Station' (the name given for a huge property).
This was in the middle of nowhere. It had a sad, lonely petrol bowser sitting beside newer versions.
Gus liked the graveyard of old cars at this Homestead Station. 
Next stop, Aileron. Aileron is a welcome rest stop along the Stuart Highway offering meals accommodation and fuel, located close to Ryan Well Historical Reserve. Aileron Hotel and Roadhouse is located 132 kilometres north of Alice Springs and 370 kilometres south of  Tennant Creek. 
More to come, next post...


  1. The large stones are amazing! Thank you for sharing the pictures.

  2. WOW!!! I cannot wait to take this to let mom see!
    Thank you for sharing them :)

  3. Wow - what a great trip - you got to drive and see the sites. sandie

  4. Beautiful scenes. I'm sure Gus loved it! It's a long trip from where you live. HOw many hours drive?

  5. I love travelling with you both. Nice to see those places with you:)

  6. Very interesting and makes me want to see more! I especially love the picture of the aboriginal statues!

  7. Very interesting, will look forward to more posts.. You live in a beautiful country..Blessings, Susie

  8. Wow, large stones! I like to read about this trip.

  9. What an interesting post this is, Crystal. Amazing that your car can run on both LPG and petrol. The large stones called devil's marbles are a sight to behold. The ghost gum trees are interesting. The antique gasoline pump was interesting... was it still working?

    Blessings... will be back to read the rest of your story.


  10. Crystal, what a lovely part of the world you live. I guess during my "break from blogging" I have missed posts about Ray's health issues. I will call his name in prayer.

  11. What a great much to see...glad you were able to get a loaner car...and a cool one to boot. :) I am looking forward to the next post.

  12. Those are amazing pictures! I've never seen them before and never heard of them. Cool rocks... I mean devil's marbles...

  13. Dear Crystal, thank you for sharing those photographs of the Outback. Many years ago on PBS (public television here) they had a show on Masterpiece Theater called "A Town Called Alice." It took place in Australia I remember. Would that have been Alice Springs???? Peace.

    1. Sure was. It has grown a lot since that movie, but remains the heart of Australia, I love that place and you FEEL the creator there, it is very spiritual.


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