Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Murals at The Alice. (Alice Springs.)

More on our trip and these were taken from the side of a building in Alice Springs.
Ozzies shorten everything, so we call it, The Alice. 

Sorry I am not getting around to everyone but I have been very busy.
I will let these pictures talk for themselves..


 A scene of The Alice from a lookout above the town.
Central Australia, the heart.

Flowering Native Bush there.

We are all taught as children... Don't Rubbish Australia.
So, there is no litter anywhere.
The Motto: Do the right thing and put that rubbish, in the bin.  Even in the Bush...Outback.


  1. Hi There, I love the murals at Alice Springs... NEAT!

    I had some friends who visited Australia a few years ago. The one thing they noticed is how CLEAN everything is there. (Very different from some areas in the USA)...


  2. Wonderful murals. Wish OUR kids had been taught cleanliness. It shows that they haven't been.

  3. Marvelous! hanks for taking us along. Looking forward for more. happy trip!

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  5. So enjoyed the pics and tour around Alice- so interesting. Love the motto, Don't Rubbish Australia. We have Don't Mess With Texas here. Things like that make people remember-

  6. I wish the United States would adopt that Don't Rubbish attitude:( The muralist did a great job painting the mural. Don't worry about visits...just post and have fun.:)

  7. Thank you for sharing your visit to "The Alice" at Tell Me a Story." Your photos are lovely and they do tell the story. Amazing that as children you are taught not to litter even on the out back!!

  8. Oh yes, I just ordered your first book from Amazon. I look forward to reading it.

  9. Looks like a fun trip. Love the train mural. :) xx

  10. The pictures speak for themselves very well! It is great they teach about the liter...we need that lesson here too

  11. I'm so excited to learn you are from Australia. I'd love to visit your land...I love the photos. I will be reading all the goodies on your blog. God bless you, Crystal Mary!


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