Friday, September 14, 2012

Life is Fragile - Love is Not

I have never thought it was a hard task to forgive others.
Yet the last few years have proven me wrong with this.
I don't feel I have to explain myself to family.
If they believe wrong about me without making sure of their evaluation, then I don't try and justify myself. I expect them to love me unconditionally.... as I do/did them.
That doesn't mean what they believe doesn't hurt, because it does.

Someone close to me insisted on doing something for me a few years back.
I didn't want what they wanted to give. They argue with me until I finally gave in. Afterall, I had done many things for them they told me, and now it was their turn.  Something I gave them, was very expensive and much needed at the time. I kept no account, I believe when you give you forget, as its given to God.
However, the other person believed in keeping account of what they did. Doing that, caused hatred and jealousy towards me. Still, I have not divulged what I did for them, for by doing so, I would offend my God.
My life is fragile....My love for God, and what is right, is not.

"A talebearer reveals secrets,
But he who is of a faithful spirit conceals a matter."

Proverbs 11:13 

                                 Hear no evil -           See no evil-              Speak no evil.
And I have to remember all of this myself also.
One thing I do, is stay away from people who are evil. 


  1. I think when we do all things in love, then we just let God do the rest. You have a good heart and ibecause of that you wiil be rewarded:) God's way of blessing his children. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it. It made me think of how should i react if I will be in the same situation:)

  2. I learned long ago that no good deed goes unpunished. Also, the more good that you do for some-one, the greater the chance that they will resent you. It doesn't make sense, but it's true. God will bless you for it, no matter what PEOPLE do!

  3. Love this! I work with someone very unkind and I needed to hear this.

  4. My sister has recently caused me upset too dear Crystal Mary. I did try to justify myself in a letter in reply but of course I should have left it. Her letter to me hurt and I'm fin ding it hard to forgive at present! xx

    1. Dearest June, God bears all of our burden, I believe the hardest thing is having the faith to believe he does. xx

  5. Hi Crystal,

    Forgiving is never easy, thank you for sharing this.

    I hope you have a very blessed weekend.

    Hugs Nita

  6. I know it hurts when family doesn't understand you - but in the end - all will be right!

  7. Dear Crystal, always in life, or so it seems to me, there is misunderstanding despite our best efforts to act in accordance with the Gospels. But if we refuse to retaliate and if we refuse to act with malicious or hurtful intent, then we can be at peace within ourselves. Or so I believe. Peace.

  8. I think relationships are fragile--whethe between family members or among friends or, in my case, between members of our congregation. We are all so precious. I keep finding myself being reminded by situations that people who on the outside seem to be so strong and almost without feelings--especially toward others--are often very fragile people.

    1. Yes Sister, I believe thats why Jesus heart burst on the cross, He took everything for everyone else.

  9. My motto has always been do what is right even though no one else is. You are doing the right thing. Just keep giving the situation to God and he will take care of it in his timing.

  10. Hi Crystal Mary,
    You are right, it is wise to keep things quiet, no good will come from letting everyone know. Yes, relationships are fragile, but we are to live peacefully with other people as much as possible.

  11. You are certainly living your faith. Blessings and peace to you.

  12. Dank je wel/Thank you! This posting touches me.

  13. I pray that God's peace be with you and your family.

    God bless.


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