Tuesday, January 22, 2013

About 2013

I wonder what this year will bring?
I believe we are in for many more surprises.

I want to please God in all that I do..
Yet I am sure there will be many things I do, that don't please him at all.

We are fast becoming a selfish society.
We want twenty pairs of shoes.
The best in clothes, bags, jewelry, make-up, nails and skin care.
I look at some sites where all that is promoted are greedy desires.

There was a song I used as my theme when I taught scripture classes in public schools.
It was by the group, STRIPER, does anyone know them?
The song was rocky and got the kids in.
The first lines said......
"I want to be a God pleaser, don't want to be a man pleaser, I want to do the things that please the Fathers heart..."

Thats what I want to do this year.
I want to Please the Fathers heart.

"For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? 
Or am I trying to please man? 
If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ."      
Galatians 1:10


  1. YOU are a complete delight . . . I'm certain you are "The Apple of HIS Eye."
    love & love,

  2. Here is a song I know you will love: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsgwfliQoqg

    Jesus last words on the cross were of despair, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Matt 27:46. His words were of forgiveness, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” Luke 23:34. His words were of Hope, “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise" Luke 23:43. His words were of love, “Dear Woman, here is your son!” and “Here is your mother!” John 19:26-27. His words were of sacrifice, “Father, into Your hands I commit my spirit” Luke 23:46. And, his words were of salvation, "It is finished!" John 19:30.

    Jesus has not only shown us the way, He is the Way.

    1. Oh how very special!! And the song is totally mine, In Christ Alone !!! YES!! In Him alone.
      I have put this song onto my FB author page, I love it....we sing it in church. What I found so
      special in this version were the illustration to the words...I felt so drawn into Jesus arms of love.
      It made me cry.. Just beautiful.

  3. I pray this every day....that I will be pleasing to the Lord. I believe things are only going to get worse as predicted in the Bible for the last days. Staying close to the Lord for His peace will help us through each day.There is hope in the Lord.

  4. Dear Crystal, it's been so many weeks since I've read your postings, which always make me stop and think. We both know that we look at the whole concept of religion differently, but what I so appreciate is your respect for my beliefs, despite their difference from yours. Our world, especially here in the United States where Congress is so at loggerheads, would be such a much more contented place, more at peace, if we all gave one another respect and the assurance that down deep we all have the same longings and dreams. Your blog always makes me realize that. Thank you.

    I've been away from reading blogs for six weeks. So if there's one or more postings you'd really like me to read, please let me know. Peace.

    1. Hello my friend. I haven't been writing as much as I had either.. Not to worry, what is meant to be will be..
      I have no special posts, and I appreciate your visits at your own convenience.
      Love Crystal

  5. Hi Crystal Mary,
    I do wonder what 2013 will bring. I do not think anything will surprise me, but it is my desire to draw closer to the Lord and bring glory to His name.

    1. So good Ken. I feel we had some surprises last year when New York flooded, that was an unusual place for it to happen.

  6. Crystal Mary I have to say the verdict is out on this one. I'm not so sure.

    1. Some catastrophes have occurred where never previously, I am sure we will see more of this.x

  7. People in my country NEED to think more about the Lord, for sure. He may soon be all we have. It seems only wise to be on good terms with Him!

    1. Yes I agree.. We are seeing more and more unusual natural phenomenons.... Like the Bible puts it, "In diverse places."


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