Sunday, January 20, 2013

Servant of the Lord

If you think that being a Servant of the Lord, makes life easy, then forget it.
It can almost seem the other way.
Yet beyond hurt feelings and people thinking you're a screw ball, the bottom line is, perseverance.
Stay strong in the Lord. 

Facebook: For my many friends on there, you will notice I now only have my author page active.
Because of this, I can no longer see your Sharings, read your Posts, or Comment on anything you have written.
Please don't take offense with this, I just don't want anyone reading what I say or do, the wrong way.

Splitting: You may not be aware of this word or what it implies.
Basically, you will say something in all innocence to someone, and they repeat it on to another, changing the wording slightly, you putting you into a bad light.
Splitting means putting a wedge between you and another person.
People who suffer from mental disorders do this all the time.
They make themselves look good and make you look a villain. 

So I am standing on the Promises of God...
And I use the scripture from Psalm 91 below to do so.

If anyone tells you something about another, and what they say sounds out of character in regard the person they are talking about, then clarify it with the person spoken of.
Otherwise, pray about it and leave it with the Lord.

ALSO: Someone from Facebook has listed this Blog as spam.
I know this because coming from Facebook to my Blog, a reader will first find a warning.

Sad, yes it is. Maybe I am spam? Maybe not? It depends where the reader comes from in respect to their own values and beliefs....
Thank you to the many who are my friends on here. I appreciate you.


  1. I tried a couple different ways, and no spam warning came up when I accessed your blog. Maybe it's just in Oz. I'd say some non-believer has been doing some of the devil's work on you. Better pray about how much you back off. I don't even have to look you in the eye to know that you're "fair dinkum." God bless you, Crystal.

    1. Thanks for saying I am fair dinkum, and you are also, as well as being True Blue..I haven't checked in the last couple of days to see if Facebook is still calling me SPAM...anyhow, you have reassure me.

  2. I'm not on FB so I won't get a spam warning. It sad to read what is gong on but not really surprising. Internet is used for good and bad. We chewon the meat and spit out the bones. Stay strong. Hugs.

  3. I haven't gotten a spam warning. FB has being some strange things lately, so that could be it, also. At any rate, you are NOT spam at all. Know that there are so many of us, myself included, who love what you do. Don't let the enemy's ugly workings steal your joy.

    1. Thank you Shelley, I can't believe some of the stuff thats been happening. xx

  4. Well fb or not, as long as we have God's words, it is more than enough:) bless you dear!

  5. Social media has a way of taking away our good name or our privacy. But real friends know better.

  6. Hi Crystal,

    Sorry to hear this, stay strong, the devil only attacks when God's work is in progress.

    Hugs Nita

  7. Its a sign of the times. Stay strong.

    Psalm 138:7 Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive me;
    You will stretch out Your hand
    Against the wrath of my enemies,
    And Your right hand will save me.
    8 The Lord will perfect that which concerns me;
    Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever;
    Do not forsake the works of Your hands.

    If all your friends were gone and you were persecuted from all sides--would you still not stand with the Lord?

    1. Thank you for giving me this other verse... and thank you Lord for you using Randigrace in this way..
      Yes, I will always stand strong with the Lord. When I was younger, I'd laugh it off. as I age its not so easy.. But now I am smiling. xxx

  8. Hi hon,
    I haven't seen spam for your site, if I do I will let you know because you are not SPAM. You are GRAND!!

    You are supported and loved by many. (((Hugs)))

  9. YOU ARE NOT SPAM - silly girl. You are wonderful. Sorry and hugs.

    1. Thanks, I don't think I should be marked spam, but I was.xx

  10. Some people are just mean...plain and simple. I am glad you told us what is going FB with you....sorry it happened. :(

  11. I actually happened across your blog by accident. I was looking for a picture of an angel to use as the background on my computer and happened to click on the one on which you had posted one of the Psalms. It brought me here. I am sorry to hear that someone marked you as Spam on FB but I am not surprised. So many times when I am on there and reading the "newsfeeds" there are so many atheists who are logged on just so they can try to torment any Christians who post on there. It's truly disgusting, but at the same time sad, to see so many people who refuse to see the truth. Please continue to spread and support God's love. Don't let the devil turn you away from your calling. Yes, it IS harder as we get older to let things slide off our backs. I think it's because we are so aware of the limitations of our time on earth. I know that each day just feels like I am one day closer to my end on earth and there were so many things I have neglected for far too long. Please keep me in your prayers. I gave myself to God at 7 but in the 55 years since then I have done many things of which I am ashamed and have been through some heartbreaking things. I don't want to leave this world knowing that I didn't do everything I can to bring my children to God. God bless you.


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