Friday, January 11, 2013

Not So Well

Is it the New Year that brings contemplation? or is it me?
I keep getting a re-occurring infection and since I have been fighting it for ages, I am finally going to ask for a letter to a specialist. My wonderful Pastor came and prayed for me the other day. How great it is to have Christian friends.
He told me I wear myself down caring about everyone else and that I need to take life easier.
Yes! I believe he is right... sometimes God speaks wisdom from the mouths of others.
I need to listen.
So I am slowing down with my Blog among other things.
I want to get out of the house and walk more, yet if I don't get up early enough, its too hot later.
The heat is becoming unbearable, thank God for air conditioning.
We try to wait until around  2pm when it becomes stifling before all is closed up and the magic is turned on.
Today all I could do was lay on the lounge dosing while Ray watched the tennis on t.v.
Finally I asked him to please make us something to eat.
He cooked potatos and peas, put butter on them and gave me a bowl with a spoon to eat them.
I still don't feel well, so now I'm off to bed.
Everything is for a reason and sometimes God just says STOP.
Thats where I am, please forgive me for slowing down.
Blessings to all of you.


  1. Hope you feel better soon. It is important to take care of YOU. Walking is so necessary and healthy eating... Drink lots of water also...

    Good Luck.
    Prayers for you.

  2. Rest and get well. Praying for you hon.

    I know how terribly draining the heat can be, make sure you drink plenty of water. I'm sure you know that but sometimes when it is hot we tend to forget.


  3. sometimes we need to slow down. God makes it happen in different ways when we don't do it ourselves. I pray you will feel better soon after a period of rest. Hugs. xx

  4. Hope you feel much better soon. The heat you are experiencing must be very draining in itself.

    Blessings and Hugs - Nita

  5. Rest and I hope you feel better soon.. Like you It seems since the New Year, my problems have reared their ugly head more..I'll be praying for you..

  6. Please DO take it easy for a while. The HEAT may being a large part of your problem by putting extra stress on your body.

  7. Oh, please just rest and re-charge! It's sobering to realize we can't "be-all" and "do-all" anymore without consequences ... yet we depend on one another and hold one another up when necessary. Wishing you strength ... and sweet dreams!

  8. God be with you, Crystal. You don't say what the infection is, but if you are like me, it is a re-occurring sinus infection. I seem to get it when the heater in the car blows air on my face too long (I like it hot), and also in air conditioned places. I have just in the past few years found that Mucinex helps. Take care of yourself.

  9. Our bodys at time need to rest...praying you get well soon.

  10. Crystal Mary,
    I pray that the Lord brings healing to this infection you are fighting and that you get the rest you need.
    God bless,

  11. Sweet friend, I'm so sorry you're not feeling up to full strength. I'll be praying for God to restore your energy in His perfect time, and for refreshment while you wait.

    'Let the weak say I am strong, because of what the Lord has done.' xx

  12. Hi Crystal Mary. There is a time & a season for everything and I'm sure that includes slowing down, changing pace etc. Being on a tropical island right now, I know how heat can be overwhelming, especially this time of the year! Enjoy your rest and may the Lord restore your strength.

  13. I agree Crystal! You need to slow down for awhile and replenish. Then come back to us! I hope everything is okay and that you will feel better ASAP! sandie

  14. I shall pray for you, deaur far-away friend! Knuffel/big hug.

  15. Hope you are feeling much better now, Crystal, since you wrote this post.
    We had lovely drizzly day today, hope you have had relief from the heat too.
    Love and Blessings.

  16. Been thinking of you.. Hope you're feeling better.

  17. Oh Crystal Mary, I came here to wish you a happy new year and find you not well. I'm sorry. I pray that you will be well very soon. xoxo

  18. What a fascinating picture! Well I do pray you feel better soon and can come back to "Blog-land." Take care and have a blessed week! :)

  19. How's now with you? praying for you this time. xxx

  20. Dear Crystal Mary, I hope you are feeling much better. I am praying for you now.Have a relaxed week-end. Lots of love. Your sis.


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