Thursday, January 3, 2013

Of Two Minds

I have had a mixture of feelings over this New Year.
Watching the News each day is not encouraging as so many atrocities show their face.
What else will we read. or hear?
For many years I made it a rule not to watch the news.
I saw enough at work as a nurse either in a mental health ward or the emergency department. I wasn't willing to witnessing more.

The rape of this young student in India, has saddened my heart more than anyone can realise.
It was absolute abuse of an innocent fragile victim.
I hope many who read this, will sign the partitiion to support women against rape in india.
Some may think, as we live far away from that country, what has it to do with us?
My rational is, firstly there needs to be justice, and secondly what if men like this migrate to our countries? 
How will anyone be safe? And how would we know who they are?
No! it needs to be stopped at the starting point.
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On the happy side, our Mango Tree is full of fruit.
And when I look at it and realise God wonderful provisions I feel uplifted.
I love mango's, the smell and the taste.

Ray has placed plastic bags over some of the fruit, hoping it will deter the parrots.
The fruit won't be as sweet this year due to the heat and drought.
They are huge, some the size of a soft ball. I placed a golf ball near them so you can see.

 They ripen well like this, without the parrots feeding on them.

Just to show you the results of the lack of rain on our lawn.
The green is where it has received some water left over from watering the garden. 
We are not on water restrictions yet, but all Ozzies are aware of not overusing or wasting.
Our last drought of 10yrs (with scarce rain) ended in floods..
Thats the way it seems to be in this huge country. Hopefully there will be no bush (eucalyptus) fires this year.

Our way of life is generated towards drawing on our natural resoures.
We have a water tank on the back of our house that collects any rainwater from the roof.
The water is drinkable after a good shower and the dirt has been washed away. Otherwise, we use it on the garden. 

Ray and I are considering solapower on our roof.
My son has it and his last 3 monthy power bill, including the use of airconditioning, was a mear $40.
Some people get enough power for their own use and sell back the surplas to the electricity companies.
These consumers, pay nothing and actually get paid for what they give back.

 Since I am an Australian citizen and now on the Age Pension, I am intital to a governemnt rebate.
This takes away the major expense towards getting it installed.

Ray has installed a huge sundome skylight in our kitchen for futher electricity savings.
I never need to turn the light on now during the day. The winter months are sunny so it works well then also. Even on a moon-light night, the kitchen is well lit up.

It have always loved a quote by Mother Teresa.
"A wise man mends his clothes, and thats why he is rich. A foolish man doesen't and thats why he is poor."

Knuckle down and buckle up, and you will never run short.

"And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, 
To give to every one according to his work."
Revelation 22:12


  1. Hello Crystal Mary, there is so much sadness in the world every day. It is wise to shield ourselves to protect our emotions. At the same time we need to find a way to stay aware of what is going on in the world around us. The Bible tells us that the Prince of this world is in charge until our Lord returns so it is a constant battle here. I know you know that. I take comfort in the fact that the recent atrocity in India seems to have galvanized good men and women in India to force their government to change things for the better. Let us pray for them. Hugs and blessings.

  2. I can understand about not watching the news. I had to finally quit watching the reports after the 9-11 attack and again when the school children were shot in Connecticut. It's not that I don't care...maybe it's that we care too much, if that's possible. It just breaks our hearts to see others suffering! I love the dome skylight. I would love to have several in our home to bring in the natural light!!! And, again....I adore your header!!! Happy New Year, my friend!

    1. Happy New Year to you also Deb. Yes, I care too much and it is hard to see suffering. My header is the camels going for a trek along the beach some 60miles from us.x

  3. Understandable thoughts. Hope you have a good year.

  4. I, too, am so grieved about what happened to that poor woman in India. I can only pray that it will spur reform and justice.

    We, too, have had horrendous drought, although we had rain yesterday! I hear the sound of an abundance of rain...

    Love your mangos, and they are huge! Enjoy them my friend, and happy new year!

    1. Happy Healthy Peaceful new Year to you also Shelley.

  5. Hi There, I got your info about the rape of the Indian student. That is so sad---but it seems like things like that (and other horrible events) continue to get worse and worse around the world. We certainly live in a world that is different from when I was a child. I remember being able to walk all over our small town with no fears at all when I was young. My family never locked their doors at home, nor even the doors in the car. These days, we have to lock everything --and be afraid all of the time. Too Bad... We are in a godless world.... We all need GOD.

    Love those big Mangos.. They are huge. Hope they turn out sweeter than you think they may... Sorry about the drought. Right now, we have had an abundance of rain... BUT--ours comes and goes in spurts also.

    Happy 2013.

  6. Happy New Year Crystal ~ i'm not much of a news watcher either; it's always about the evil in this world and rarely about the good. Blessings to you and your family this new year. May you continue to find ways to be salt and light to those around you. xo

  7. Hi Crystal Mary,

    The tragedy of the Indian girl saddens me too. My heart only breaks more when I know things will only get worse and after the rapture, well, I don't think anyone will want to be around then. :(

    That fruit looks amazing! I love mangoes and would seriously enjoy a tree like this at my place. Enjoy. ;)

    I'm all for going natural when it comes to power and water. We get our water from the creek and use a natural carbon filter. We are also thinking about making our own energy by building a dam, which we have the licence for, and using the power from the water flow to build and store energy. Maybe in a few more years we will do this.

    Sounds like a great idea to go solar. A friend of mine built his own solar panels and right now is experimenting with them and it looks like they are working.

    Happy New Year my Ozzie friend.

    1. Yes the solar works very well, and the good part is, your power would never be cut off with a power strike. Hard to use in winter over there...but good for summer. We have sunshine all year so they are ideal for us. xx

  8. There's so much evil in the world.. I cried when I heard about that poor girl.. I pray you get rain soon.. Your Aussie Land is beautiful.. Blessings

  9. Crystal, I love your idea for solar heat and electricity. We had solar heat, I believe it was 1968, for a few months. That year we had a record breaking cold spell, and the temps dropped to a -60. The solar system was new to Montana, having only been sold down south before. The panels cracked and the company went bankrupt without being able to replace the panels. But that heat from the panels, before they cracked, was so warm and comfortable. It felt like you were lying in the sun when you were in its air flow. I loved it. I hope you are able to get it and enjoy it!

    1. Yes sola heat is not good in very cold temperatures. I love Montana, its so pretty, like heaven on earth.

  10. Hi Crystal, I'm a little like you regarding new year. I try not to watch the TV coverage of the year in review as it makes me sad to remember all the stuff which makes our world an awful place. Instead, I like to read or watch a movie until 5 to 12. Then my Beloved and I watch the fireworks at Phillip Island from the verandah.

    And I love Mangoes!! Yum. :)
    Enjoy. xx

    1. Awww, if you were closer I'd give you some mango's we share them around and freeze a lot. My daughter will dry some for school treats.

  11. Hi Chrystal

    We are looking into solar light in a small way too, we have today ordered a solar panel and light to go outside, it has a sensor and comes on when there is movement. Probably will come on for every pigeon and squirrel, but we will see.

    There is a lot of sadness around, I am trying to look at the positive, as these days of fewer daylight hours, tend to make me a bit negative.

    Sometimes life is difficult to understand, but one day all will be revealed.

    Take Care - God Bless - Nita xx

    1. Hello Nits, yes you are right, its not good to dwell on the bad. I have taken up this CAUSE, because life is hard on women in India. I believe if enough western countries use their voice against this violence we will make a difference. So I am advocating for those who cannot, or are not listened to. xx

  12. I do not think it healthy to listen over and over to the news reports about the awful brutality that goes on about us. We live in very trying times....I rely on the peace of the Lord.

    1. Hello Dee, for myself in our country, I let life go past without saying anything. However, the Indian woman need a voice, so I am one who will support them. We always need to help those who can't help themselves. xxx

  13. Happy New Year, Crystal Mary! The fruit from your trees are amazing! I'm sure they are parallel with the fruit in your own life. God bless you in this new year!

    1. Hi new friend. Thank you... not all my life fruit is good.. Bless you for lifting me up anyway.

  14. Oh, I feel also the pain. The atrocities worldwide are so inhuman. But when I look at your tree I feel a little bit happy. It looks like a tree from Paradise!

    1. I believe they probably had mango's in paradise as they are wonderful to eat. Ours are called Bowen mango's and are the nicest variety.

  15. The latter part of 2012 did not give us good memories but still, they teach us to do whatever good we can to whoever we meet. It may be the last good thing they'll get...

    Many blessings for the new year!

  16. Chrystal, while we lived in PNG I read a few books by Austratian author that we very good. Going to check our library here to see if they have your latest.

    Our daughter and family lived out in the jungles of PNG and was total solar powered and stored the power in huge batteries. Since you have so much sun I am sure it is the cheapest way to get electricity.

    Will be back to let you know how I liked your book. Blessings.

    1. Hello Betty,nice to meet you. PNG, a wonderful 'other world' place to live. Yes solar power is amazing. What will be thought up next? We have much sola lighting on the streets and our emergeny phones on the side of highways run off solar. You may not get my book in a library, unless you ask them to stock it.. It is available on-line from Amazon, Barnes and Noble.. so the library could purchase off them. Thank you for you interest...

  17. I'm sickened by the lack of civilization and control. The control is God born in us. That's what separates us from animals. Those offenders need to be treated like dangerous animals...

    Here in AZ we're in a drought as well, but my two orange trees are exploding with fruit. No parrots to eat them here... Only pesky pigeons and doves... I like the sparrows and hummingbirds...

    Happy New Year!

    1. I love reminded me of OUTBACK Oz...the colours are brilliant in the dessert and Sedona.. Ray and I rode around there on the Harley. Hey,,,,You can have some of our parrots, they are a menace.

  18. It was really a sad story about the indisk girl. Justice msut be done in this situation.
    Anyway, you ar elucky having those mangoes:) we don't have it here, but we have in my homecountry Philippines. I love to eat the ripe one.
    Anyway, what a nice tips about saving energy and using them to save money.

    1. You must get really hungry for mango's if you don't have them now.
      Happy New Year Joy. xxx


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