Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Aerial photos of Gympie floods, Queensland, Australia

Aerial photos of Gympie floods | Gympie Times   (CLICK TO VIEW)

January 2013:  My town is flooded, but we are high, dry and safe...
There have been 3 fatalies all told in Queensland, one being in Gympie.
Very sad for the families. One of the others was a little three year old boy.

We pray safety over everyone. 
Glory To God In The Highest, our protector!


  1. Grateful you are alright. Praying for everyone there . . . love, -g-

  2. Than God you are alright! We get some of the story here in Canada, but nothing as detailed as the slide show.

  3. Keeping you in my prayers!! Wow, that is a lot of water. Stay safe.

  4. So glad you are safe! God is faithful!

  5. Hi Chrystal

    Keeping you all in prayer, yes thank God you are safe.

    Hugs Nita

  6. How come you are getting so many floods over there? Is that normal?

    1. They say, one in a hundred years to expect very bad floods... well its 2 years since the last bad one for us. It has been even closer for many
      other people.
      Like I have said, We Are In The LAST DAYS.. The bible tells us that these things will get more and more
      and will also be in unusual places (remember N.Y.floods) Well its here.. And its going to get worse. We all need
      to keep strong in our faith, because Jesus will return on an ordinary day when no one expects it.
      Its all in the New Testament.
      I found an article that tells about ALL the unusual weather stats... its interesting and makes you realize!

  7. Glad you are safe...floods are so devastating.

  8. Kept safe everyone, be positive everything will be alright.
    hervey bay land and homes

  9. Pictures like these, shared by people like you, bring reality right into our living rooms. I'm so sorry for the devastation that these waters have brought to you. When I see forces of nature like this, it always makes me keenly aware of their Creator. Isn't it wonderful to know that a God capable of such power, extends an equal or even greater power of love to us? Nothing can happen to you or to your loved ones that He does not permit -- and he does not permit anything that is not for the very BEST for His children. I'm sure that's hard for you to wrap your head around right now, but remember -- never forget in the dark, what you learned to be true in the light. God bless and keep you. Hugs and prayers for His very BEST for you and your family. Marilyn

  10. Wow... those aerial photos are something, but the one of the Big W shop entrance brings it home. Such depth to the waters.
    Stay safe, Crystal.
    Praying still xx


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