Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why Extreme Weather Is Increasing! – Part One

Why Extreme Weather Is Increasing! – Part One CLICK HERE AND READ !!!!

Some churches don't tell of this? WHY?
Some churches dwell on it too much.
Some Ministers, Priests and Pastors laugh it off with human reasoning. 
However, for all who read their Bibles, and know the prophesies...
They know, we are in, The End Days. 

The article above gives statistics... 
When you read about what is happening all over the world, it will open your eyes to understanding.

When Noah built the ark, it took him years. It had never rained upon the earth
at that time, a dew fell at night supplying water. So can you imagine how people laughed 
at him?  But Noah believed God, and did what he was told.

Today we are told to watch for the sign's.
We are told to be ready.
The Bible is the oldest book on earth.
The dead sea scroll's discovered by two sheppard boys, prove the Bible truths.
So now it is up to us. We can believe our creator God, or do we believe what man says?
I read Gods Word, and I will do as He says.
I know many who read this have been deeply hurt by some churches.
They have suffered much in this world. may not know it, but I have also, more than any of you could ever realise.
I have learned to become Better and not Bitter.
Suffering brings endurance, wisdom and a humble heart. 
We all have choices.  


  1. Good points and an excellent article. Thanks.

  2. It is a choice to be bitter or better. I can not see how people can not feel or see that the coming of the Lord is near. Like in the day of Noah they are busy living life. The Lord says to stay close to him especially as we see the days growing shorter. He is our refuge.

  3. You are so right..We are in the end times.. God Bless you and your family.. I'm sending up prayers daily for you.

  4. Signs of the times... I think we all need to read the writing on the wall and make the changes our world so needs.

  5. Not "Global Warming," maybe? (lol) That's why the northern hemisphere is freezing and down here at the bottom end we're cooking.

  6. Dear Crystal, I read the article, which recounted the many natural disasters of the past 10 to 15 years, but I don't conclude that this is the end time. I'm one of those people who really do believe in global warming. Humans have mistreated the earth and the atmosphere for decades and now we are paying the price. For myself, I do not believe this is the work of God. It is the outcome of industrial growth and waste. So once again, you and I must agree to disagree. With a great deal of respect. Peace.

  7. Hey Cyrstal, I really enjoyed your blog today, this is Rhonda from The Joy of Denim and Lace, I have just today created a new blog after taking a long break ....stop by and say hello ..


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