Saturday, June 8, 2013

Stanford's Who's Who!! Is What ??

I haven't been well, and something like this is something to make anyone even sicker!!
There is a site known as Stanford's Who's Who.
They phoned me one day and pumped my ego.....just like many others.
BUT, They are SCAMMERS, as their WEBSITE at the time showed me.
When I tried to look at it I got a huge red alert across the screen..... telling me to get off the page quick smart! 
I got off...
I checked it out today after letting them know, that I knew, they were scammers..
And what do you think??
Their site is closed down for a few days while they clean it up.  GOOD MOVE.
Who wants anyone to know you are a scammer??

Below are just some sites telling about Stanford's Who's Who.

I'd like to give you more but I don't wish to bore you.
If you manage to get a phone number from them and call them back, you get a voice-mail by a person with a middle eastern name..

Oh.... There is a legitimate site that is simply called Who's Who.
This is also situated in New York...
Now that's a clever move, to paste a name on the front of what is honest to fool people.

"Be sure your sin will find you out."
Numbers 32:23 K.J.V.


  1. So glad you saw them for who they really are- prayers for your recovery, my friend!

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Crystal Mary!
    Praying you feel better soon.
    ~God bless~

  3. Thanks for the information - hey are you a sister?
    Love, sandie

  4. Thanks for the info, though I never recontact folks who contact me first.

  5. Sorry to hear you are still unwell. I will say a prayer for you before bed. Hugs. xx

  6. Thank you for the info and I'm praying for you dear friend.. xoxo

  7. You just can not trust anyone this day and very sad.

  8. Thanks for the info...prayers n hugs!!

  9. Stanford whos who .com ?????
    As always , with any purchase and any organisation - " caveat emptor "


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