Sunday, October 13, 2013

Alan Jackson - At the Deni Ute Muster

I can't remember when I first heard Alan Jackson sing, or found out that he and his family were Christians.
When my daughter asked me what she could buy for me last Christmas, I replied, Alan Jackson singing Precious Memories... these are old time hymns.

I have almost worn that CD out from playing it.
Then I heard he was to visit Australia.
I have never been to listen to an overseas artist in person. In fact, I have only ever been to hear one Australian singer. So when Ray said, why don't we go, I was so excited.
We decided on attending the Deni (Deniliquin) Ute Muster.
I have never been to a Muster before either so this was going to be a first.
Our weather in Queensland is mostly humid, and I had forgotten how cold New South Wales could be. Thankfully I packed us a coat each and we were hardly out of them, especially at night.
Now we had expected to arrive at the venue a couple of days early and be allowed in!
Not so.... 
Everyone lined up in various vehicles and camped outside the main entrance. We were told the gates would open at 6am on the Friday and that then the rush to get in would commence.

That's a black Ute to the right side, its pulling a camper trailer that turns into a huge tent.


Once inside it was a good kilometre to the camping ground and finding the best place to park. Hopefully close to toilets and showers..
We parked under the shade of a tree as the days began to warm up with the nights still cold.

Behind us were two men each in their own 4dw tents (fitted to the vehicle roof).

We had porta Loo's and Showers, that proved a good place to meet other ladies and get information.
I discovered, after much searching and people waiting outside, that there was a pedal in front of the toilet bowl that you stepped on to flush...LOL 

There was so much going on, with rides, bull riding championships, an old Ute museum, stage entertainment, outdoor clothing and hats, plus a Ute Competition.
Here is one Holden Ute.

It was amazing how they drove in a figure 8, having to stay within the perimeter to prove their skills.

These seats made out of drums fascinated me, with a outdoor gas heater.

Then on the second night, the Star of Star, Alan Jackson sang...we were all enthralled.

Its sad when something great ends, but we had the wonderful photos and memories to carry back home.
Because it is spring here now, hundreds of kangaroos, emu and sheep with their young kept wandering onto the road.

Then we saw this sign..

And later on an Outback highway we had to stop and give way to hundreds of cattle on a drive from north to south. The incredible thing was only two Jackaroo Drovers managed the whole team with the help of lead stock horses wearing bells to guide and dogs coming up the rear.

Yes it was a great experience, but its also good to get back home.


  1. Such a wonderful event and experience. A memory to cherish:)
    Have a nice Sunday Crystal and hugs from me:)

  2. what and amazing trip you had. i like Alan to and Precious Memories is what we sung at my grandmothers funeral. she loved that song. so do i.
    thanks for the quote you put on my blog about not a lion, i am keeping that one...

  3. Wow...what an amazing trip. I'm glad you got to hear Alan and the thing that makes me want to go is just to see the kangeroos and emus etc walking around. Sounds like the whole experience was incredible awesome.

  4. How tremendous! It sounds like it is a once in a lifetime event. I would love to attend something like that and see all the amazing things you saw. Alan is such a good role model~

  5. What an exciting and lovely adventure. Your photos are awesome! Thank you for sharing with us here at "Tell Me a Story."

  6. The event sounds like fun and hearing Alan sign, what a high point, and all those cattle on the road herded by only 2 cowboys and some dogs.
    You asked me if I know of any publishers and I only know about the traditional publisher that published my two books. You could try Jeff Herman's Guide to Publishers, even if the publisher is in the USA that could work out fine for you. I don't know anything about self publishing.

  7. Replies
    1. Sure did. Just wished I was younger to walk around and see lots more. Ray and I would go back to the van and have a siesta in the middle of the day.

  8. Hi Crystal, dear friend,
    Oh! This event must have been an amazing venue, especially with the camping out in the field. I see that you have got a beautiful RV and Tent, so you both can go anywhere, and have a place to relax on the road. The cattle on the highway, the kangaroos and other Australian animals are outstanding to view. What a lovely experience, Crystal! When will you finish your Bible Studies? Will you get a Degree? Will you be a Church Leader or Pastor somewhere? Do you make plans to travel more with your husband? By the way, thank you very much for visiting my sites, and uttering your wise thoughts about my poetry and writing!
    You are also a super friend, Crystal.
    God keeps blessing you and your beloved ones.
    Greetings from Poet Starry Dawn.

    1. It sure was great Starry. The tent was the person next door, a really nice man named Kevin. He had left his wife and baby son at home because they don't like camping. Yes, I do get another Degree when I am finished my course... and its not an easy study.

  9. Isn't his voice just amazing....especially when he sings for the Lord!!! HOPE the rest of your week is full of blessings, sweet Lady!!!

    1. Yes his voice is so mellow. He is a real gentleman and had photo's up of his parents, wife and daughters as he sang. He is very personable.

  10. Loved your post! Sounds like you had a great time. Especially enjoyed your "portaloo" photo and comment! LOl!

    1. Oh those portaloo's.. I was terrified of them.. But they were kept very clean thank God.

  11. I like Alan Jackson too...looks like you had fun

  12. Ahh, this brought back memories!
    I still have the concert ticket from when we went to hear Alan Jackson more than two decades ago.
    If you are interested, his wife wrote a book about their life not too long ago. It is called: 'It's All About Him (Finding The Love of My Life)'
    It was a #1 New York Times Bestseller in 2008.
    ~God bless~ Lisa

    1. WOW! he has been going a long time. I didn't hear of him while I lived in wasn't until a year or so that I somehow heard him?? And yes! I have read the book and wrote a review on Amazon about it.. A lovely story.

  13. Dear Crystal, what an adventurous trip you had to Queensland. I'm so glad you were able to see and listen to a favorite singer of yours. And thanks for sharing the photographs. They helped me really envision what you were telling us. Peace.

  14. Hiya Crystal, so glad to hear that you had a lovely time. I confess that I don't know this singer so I will go on youtube and find out more. Love reading your posts as always. Blessings xx


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