Friday, March 6, 2015

Tired of Floods

We have had six floods in five years, so needless to say, we are tired of them.

I made sure when I purchased this house that it was not in the flood or mine zone.

The floods still affect everyone. No trucks can get through which limits milk and bread supplies.

We can't get to church and many children cannot attend school.

The shop keepers get the worst with having to evacuate all the stock and then come back to a massive clean up.

Some homes do get flooded, but everyone gets in and helps once the waters recede.

And the animals feel the problem also...

Here a possum cries.

Roo stranded

A roo gets to safety.

A lone horse 


Flocks of wallabies (small roos)

A good Samaritan.

A python makes the meal of a croc.

Kids enjoy the fun

Yes, we have had enough.

Psalm 121:7 " The LORD will keep you from all harm-- he will watch over your life."


  1. I'm hoping we don't have any major flooding when it turns warm next week, considering all the snow we have on the ground. BTW, what's a "mine zone?"

    1. Our town is an old Gold Mine one. So there are mines shafts running underneath everywhere.. But not under us thank God.

  2. Oh, those pictures are tragic! Know that you are all in my prayers.

  3. Thank you so much Sr Ann Marie, prayers are the most important blessing.

  4. Sad to hear about all the trouble your area has had with flooding! Hope this year is better.

  5. Thank you for your are. We have actually been given another cyclone warning and even thought we are 80 miles from the coast, we still suffer from the side of it with winds and floods.

  6. Oh my word that's terrible! I hope that's the last flood for a while.

  7. Oh dear friend, this is traumatic to see and experience, I am sure. The disgusting mess inside the lady's house, and all the stranded animals. I hope the horse found safety. Bless that good Samaritan for rescuing the animals via boat. Be safe and dry.

  8. I came back to check on you, and see if you have a new post up. I hope you and your town are recovering from the flood.

  9. Your header is beautiful the children but as I go through the pictures looking it truly is a mess. Those poor people.
    May you have been recovering from this devastating mess. Those animals as well.


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