Thursday, July 9, 2015

Why Write A Christian Inspirational Romance ~

 Why I wrote a Christian inspirational love story...??
 Sometimes a person who is not a Christian yet can read something easy to understand like a fictional story, will find a message from God just for themselves.
For many years this applied to me.
I loved reading and wanted to believe in love while in a thirty year abusive marriage. Jeanette Oke, Catherine Marshall, and Corrie Ten Boom were the authors I filled my heart with, and their fiction and non fiction encouragement brought me closer in my spiritual relationship with our Lord.

So my own book has scripture verses and understandings throughout.
My intention is always to find and help the broken hearted, as I once was, and to give them a hope beyond themselves.

Finally walking away from that relationship I returned to nursing and devoted myself to the care of others. Doing this was a healing balm for myself as well as those I met.

Yet working as a registered nurse both in the Emergency Department and Mental Health Units of major hospitals I have seen so many people who are worn out with despair.
Encouraging for the short time they were in my care never felt enough, surely there was more that I could do....
And this was one of my reasons to begin writing once I retired. I want to encourage, inspire and lift up others to know they have a Savour who has not forgotten them, no matter their life choices.

We can't put the blame on God when life doesn't measure up. We need to look at ourselves and realise our own mistakes and learn from them...
Through all of this, we are being moulded into vessels of use to reach out and show Gods loves in a more compassionate understanding way.

My story hopefully gives love, care and inner strength with a strong drawing to a faith in Jesus.
It is set in my homeland of Australia....

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Always read Books that will uplift encourage and inspire you to be a happier person.

NOTE: A second book, will be out shortly...and it is a non fiction. 


  1. What an inviting site you have! Finding you through Hazel's #TellMeATrueStory link party this week, is a true blessing. Feel free to visit right back. Cant wait to read your book of encouraging Truth. Blessings.

  2. I think your motivation is right on. Oh, how we need authors like you in the Christian venue. I can attest to your character after connecting with you for several years! I would love to see God's favor poured out on you because your heart is focused on Him.

    Thank you for your friendship!

  3. What a great testimony... Living a life of service and compassion, sounds like the best calling and the heart of our Father. You've been His hands and now His Word. Praying for you and your ministry, sister. Of all this world needs, one more voice and heart of our Father has to be among the greatest ones.

  4. this is such a beautiful header picture. I love what you are doing...sharing your life, your faith, the hope in you. Hugs Crystal.

  5. Crystal Mary, I did enjoy your first book and it was truly an exciting Christian romance Story. Last year I read many e-books, some Christian romance and others detective stories. This year I am doing a zero in on Inspirational books that are taking me into higher heights with Jesus. I am reading now, a Free e-book that I received from BookBub via Amazon, Title is God Encounters. It is lifting me up spiritually. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement to me also Hazel. Much appreciated, we all need it, and we all need to be inspired and encouraged... Blessings and love sent..


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