Thursday, May 28, 2015

Christian Author ~

Yes! I am a Christian author, and proud to be so.
Jesus Christ shed his blood, to redeem me from my sins.
So what can I do in return to thank him? I can be grateful and help others to see, the mercy of his goodness.
Perhaps you are someone who has been hurt by a church?
People hurt you, God did not!

However, he does give everyone a free choice and with that free choice some choose to be cruel, unkind and hurtful.....
But that is not of God.

As a Christian writer I choose to INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE.. ~~
I believe everyone of us needs that..

We can be better people ~ OR ~ Bitter people. I choose to be better.

Loving God ~ truly believing in Him ~ Heart ~ Mind ~ Soul ~ Strength ~
Makes you a kinder YOU.

We all have choices... Choose well~

Its not easy to be a Christian Author.... to write your heart, when some people criticize that.

I have just finished writing two more books, one is Fiction and the other Non Fiction.
They are both with editors now and I hope at least one is out by Christmas.
The Non Fiction with surprise everyone.  Yes, I have finally been able to write about my thirty years of abuse. 
How can I still believe in God you may ask?
Because, I learnt to worship Him, instead of my abuser.
AND ~ in all truth, I made the choice.

I love this Bible verse.  I have used it to Encourage and Inspire myself for years.

Vision ~ Yes! We all need to have A vision NOW and always.

So, everyday when you arise, be thankful for all you have, because its God given.

I choose to remain in a marriage that was difficult for many reasons....
WHY ? ~ I now understand that I didn't have to.
It all comes down to choices.
I cannot blame others for my wrong choices.
BUT ~ I can now encourage others to make better ones than I did.

So, Be Inspired and be Encouraged and READ RIGHT!

SPEAK THIS OUT LOUD ~ I am Special, I am Blessed, I am beloved of God!
Gods Love for you is FREEly given, so FREEly receive.

My Author Page ~ Watch around Christmas for my new Book.


  1. Hi, Crystal Mary!
    I look forward to reading your story. I am so sure it will help many.
    All of your thoughts here today encourage me. The graphics are great too.
    Thanks for visiting me. I loved seeing you at my place!


  2. God bless you Mary. I shall visit you again. xx

  3. Congratulation with your new book and for choosing the right choices. You are very right ..I am glad I did too. God bless your heart my sister in Christ!

    1. Hiya Joy, lovely to see your smiling face. xx

  4. Cheers to you on speaking out and on your two books. I co-authored two books with Christian themes and it is good to let our lights shine.

  5. Thank you Crystal, beautiful you. Great encouragement!

    1. Hope the children are all well. Your photography is excellent. xxx

  6. What wonderful quotes and I love your header picture of boy/girl sweet friends. Looking forward to your new book. I did enjoy your first book "shadows of time." Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.


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