Sunday, December 11, 2016

The BEST takes TIME to come

I have written eight books
Not many of my books have been recognized or read.
Does this mean I am a poor author?
Well, I am not rich in the world's eyes, yet that doesn't matter.
Has the fact that no one reads or comments on my books by writing reviews hurt me?
It has.
BUT, it shouldn't.

I may be dead before anyone actually benefits from what I have written, isn't that the fact about the Apostle Paul's writings?

The scriptures have taken a long time to be recognized for what they are.

However, I am NOT in league with any great Bible teacher or author, I am only a small human 💖🙋 who desires to encourage and inspire others through what I write.

Today I felt down. Then listening to a television preacher's uplifting words my heart soared.....
He said, it can take time. He said that we are to keep praising God in the mean while.

Then he told of, how a dog will only take a few weeks to have puppies, and when it has those puppies, it will give birth to many- a litter, even up to eighteen. Yet they are small.

Unlike the dog (who could boast about how well it has done), the elephant will take two years to give birth (seemingly forever). When it eventually delivers, it produces only ONE!
Yet that ONE is soooo BIG!🐘

What does this tell us.
Sometimes it takes time for big things to happen. God has everything under His great control. 🙆

We, have a USER WORD, into the presence of God.... and that Word is JESUS. 💓

We are not left high and dry getting past the Userword... NO! we are given a PASSWORD right into the presence of God. That Password is PRAISE.

All of this is a FREE gift. We pay nothing to get it. It is given with love.

As we praise God and worship Jesus, no matter our circumstances, we defeat the demons that would like to drag us down.

So keep on Praising no matter what you see or feel. No matter how difficult it may be, and God will LIFT you up.

   Do you know that song. "Give thanks with a grateful heart give thanks to the Holy One, give thanks because he's given Jesus Christ his son."

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