Thursday, April 13, 2017


An In-depth Review personally sent to me from a Reader.


Winner of Award.

This was a refreshing light holiday read for me. My interest was centred on the two delightful young women who bond and spiritually grow together, whilst contributing to a community they adopt as their extended family.
There are no nasty dramatic highs or lows - just enough promises of intrigue and wholesome romantic attachments to peak the interest along the way and which unrolled into satisfactory outcomes.
There was a balance of men and women characters. Each were plausible individuals and endearing without being soppy nor unreal. Their life journeys gave the reader a clear idea of what godly character can be; what  spiritual growth can achieve.
A Christian reader could possibly relate to at least one of the common spiritual experiences presented authentically, such as when a character was seeking direction from God, had the desire for water baptism, or to commit to the use of a particular God-given gift.
The gospel message was clearly presented and was a credit to the author's ingenuity in how she wove it through the story's thread without giving the reader the impression of being "preached at".
The usual plot development of drama was not apparent.
Instead there was a pleasant ongoing sharing of everyday activities in various settings and contexts, romance without melodrama, and no involvement of villains.
It would probably be a safe recommendation for teenage girls or young at heart women seeking a holiday from the real dramas of this world.


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