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on September 5, 2017
I read this book via a KINDLE Unlimited download.

What happens when you take a captivating, handsome, Plastic Surgeon who insists in keeping his professional and personal lives totally separate. Dr. Javin St.Clair is constantly being pursued from both sides; by clients wanting his skilled hands to rid them of their deformities on one side, and woman just wanting to claim his body and make him their own.

Everything is fine, fine that is until he decides to hire a nursing assistant. Sage Lauren Grace Saunders, is a highly skilled professional who has confused his mind and winds up turning his life upside down by her outrageous beauty, and has him running after her.

The life alternating effect which had affected Javin’s existence when he hired Sage also winds up changing her life as well. While he might enjoy having an arrogant and wealthy following, Javin’s real passion is to help those who’ll never be able to afford his skilled hands; which he why he invites Sage to join him for his on his next mission into the Australian outback to a clinic situated there.

Ms. Lindsey could have easily given her readers a hot, steamy reading experience, but instead has given them one which is a sweet, clean romantic one. She embellishes the reading experience with a sprinkling of Javin’s desire to share and educate Sage with some Christian beliefs. So, in the end, with all things considered, I happy to give Ms. Lindsey 5 STARS for her efforts here.

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