Saturday, January 27, 2018

Animal Lovers

I am an animal lover, but these are an exception.

Some grow to gigantic proportions, as if they are not scary enough at a normal size.

Australia is depicted as somewhere you don't want to go. That it a load of foolery

Every country has their good and their bad.  Here are some of our giant BAD.

 Lost one leg.

Load one on the Truck (Ute) to show your mates.

A Disguising Spider

Police Officer after a Python

Check the Toilet before use.

And the SHOWER.

A Nasty Monitor Lizard. 

An Earth Worm

NEVER Trust a Cassowary.

Feral Kangaroos are Dangerous. This one is incising the dog into water to drown it.

Trying to Kill a Hunting Dog.

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