Thursday, February 22, 2018


I am sure many of you are contacted via email or on social media by an unknown member of the opposite sex.

Many lonely people (and some married ones) fall under the spell of these scammers, who are not honest but just after money. Some gullible people have been bled dry!

I am so tired of writing in return, "I am happily married and 73 years old, I am not interested in connecting with anyone with a view to more (whatever)...."

Some of the answers I get are, "age doesn't matter, I just want to be your friend (wink wink)." OR,  "You are so beautiful, can't we still be friends?"

REALLY!! No we can't, not with what you have in view.

I have been contacted by women who want money and straight out lie about the reason.
But one such woman wrote to me saying she wanted to attend a Christian conference and had already received $150 yet still needed $70 more.

WHAT?? That's an expensive conference, who did she think she was fooling.

I think of my wonderful mother who raised five of us alone. She asked no one for anything, we just went without what we couldn't afford to have. Mum made our clothes even out of old curtain material - as her girls in this photo.

I am the smallest girl. 

My husband is contacted by countless women. How shameful.
The evil inside these people is camouflaged with a pretty face and lying mouth.

Women are also deceived.

Finally..... Heed good advice.


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Dio ti ama così siamo connessi.