Thursday, June 21, 2018

Are You a Spirit Warrior?

What is meant here is, a believer in Christ who stands up for the faith against evil and promotes what is right in God's eyes.

We can all do this. We don't have to be noisy about it (you can if you want to) but many of us turn aside when we hear, say a swear (cuss) word.
People around us and in the workplace might do it and to be sure, when you don't, they will begin to notice.  Because, YOU ARE DIFFERENT.

In many places of employment it is against the rules to speak up about our faith, so we show how we are and what we stand for by having a humble spirit and kind attitude.

I thought a lot about the many people who don't understand how the forces of evil are at work in this world.

 Often God is blamed for the catastrophes. Yet our own actions and sometimes our selfishness can be the cause of dilemma and trauma.

I have experienced the spiritual quite a few times over my seventy years. And so, this book shows much of that spiritual bad behavior.

This story is fiction, and although some events are related to my own knowledge, it is still a story.

 Serenity’s mother deserts her at birth. Left to be raised by her grandmother, she learns the secrets of herbal healing. When her grandmother dies her mother and stepfather re-appear in her life, Serenity is now in moral danger. Realizing this she escapes their clutches in the dead of night. Yet never could she imagine how God would use her in an extraordinary fashion.

The Word Says, Ephesians 6:10-11 to "be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power" and to "put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes." Then as we're given details in how to put on those pieces of armor, we're told to take the shield of faith "with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one" (verse 16).
Very few can see into the spiritual realm of good and evil.
Serenity Charles is a young woman given that special gift of spiritual vision. With it, she commits to fight off the powers of wickedness.
Serenity (Rena's) spiritual eyes are open to see evil deceit, and she observes demons that live within humans causing destructive behavior.
Wearing a sacred armor, Serenity, goes into battle to protect those who the demons would coldly harm or annihilate. With her shield she is protected from their flaming darts while using her sword of the Word, she cuts them asunder sending them screaming away in panic.
Three of Gods Waring Angels, Avigdor, Ariel, and Akim, are her guardians and collaborators, supporting her to accomplish a victory.
Aiden Baker, a mining boss, meets and is apparently taken by Rena’s beauty. He fights his attraction for her by either ignoring or voicing his reluctance to pursue a promising relationship. Will this angry man remain stubborn or will he chase Rena when she leaves town to return to her birthplace?
This supernatural story takes place in an Australian Outback town during the wild roaring twenties. A time marked by happiness, that often lacked respect and morals. Iniquity prospered primarily in the goldfields where the hunger to get rich quickly – thrived over honesty. A Fictional Story based on Biblical Fact. We are all called to be, Spirit Warriors.

If you don't read digital Books, then ask at your bookstore for it to be ordered in, in paperback.
It comes from INGRAM BOOKS worldwide.


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