Monday, August 8, 2022

HUMANS did NOT Evolve from Apes/Monkeys

The supposed intelligence of man. 

There are so many fabrications that come from man.

Lies or are they a hypothesis? (A proposed human explanation?) 

University teaches us to make our own hypotheses about a substance or an entity. 

I loved University learning, yet not always the teachings. 

I believe in the Bible and God's Word. 

In Genesis, God spoke to Jesus (His very own Word)

And He said to Jesus, "Let us make man in OUR IMAGE.

So yes, God with Jesus, created/made man, in His/their image. 

God the Father is a spirit.... God the man (Jesus) came in a human body. 

And that bodily form did NOT derive from an APE.

So, we did not evolve ...  we were CREATED. 

Here is the scientific proof that cannot be refuted. 

Every living breathing form of life is made up of CHROMOSOMES.

So, what are chromosomes? 

They are a long DNA molecule. A threadlike structure of nucleic acids and protein that is found in the nucleus (eye) of most living cells. Chromosomes carry genetic information in the form of genes.

Humans have 23 Chromosomes from each parent. Adding to 46. The only difference is when a person is born with Down Syndrome. These humans have one extra chromosome equalling 47. 


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