Sunday, February 7, 2010

Understanding Others

A Picture tells a thousand words, and if you wish to understand others, look at what they paint or draw. Working in Mental Health I encouraged the patients to paint. It wasn't an easy task as suspicion rises.
So I set up a huge table with paints, paper and water and started doing a painting myself. Gradually they came. First they watched and then brushes were sort as they commenced to paint their feelings.
"That's wonderful!" I'd encourage....can you tell me about it. Some gave a great story, others nothing. Recently my little granddaughter has closed off and isolated. Realising there was more to the heart of the matter I suggested we paint. She landscaped a field with flowers and a house. No people just isolation. So I understood this is how she is feeling. A little lost, with only nature as her friends. We talked about it. I shared parts of my childhod and gave her lots of love. Going home she hugged me and said, "I love you Nanni."
Below is one of my own paintings. A house standing with trees all around (trees depict people). The front gate is open with stairs to walk up and enter in (if you take the effort to approach me, you will be welcomed). Note the red on the outside bush, (my heart is outside myself, it is with others).
I called my painting Kirra, Emanuel...... Kirra after my eldest granddaughter and Emanuel  because God is with us.   So much can be learned from paintings.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful. Painting is such a wonderful release on beauty captured in our hearts. How many paintings have you made? Thank you for posting this:)

    God bless

  2. Thank you Legendswife... I used to paint alot once. But, it took me off into my own world where all else was forgotten, so I stopped. I thought when I retired would be a good time to start again, but now I love to write. God leads and I follow. Blessings crystal.


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