Thursday, December 10, 2015

CHRISTIAN ROMANCE BOOK - Cherished Encounter

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Story Line -

Residing on a Peninsula beside the beautiful Pacific coastline in Queensland, Australia, Dr Ariana Ross decides to leave her past history behind and forge a fresh start. Her journey takes her to a medical practice in an Outback country town, where her impact on many - brings surprises.

Passions explode when she meets Zane Lombardi, one hunk of gorgeous Italian male. Zane is a Christian and an enterprising Apple Orchard owner. He is also strongly adverse to the wiles of designing women. Being hurt in the past he is certain to never be trapped again. On meeting Ariana his animosity and rudeness causes angry sparks to fly. He soon realises his mistaken judgement of this beautiful young woman. Having second thoughts he wants to make amends? But- has irreversible damage been done? 

The amazing phenomenon surrounding the spirited Ariana is that two Angels attend her. As her protectors and guides she is constantly aware of them. 

Taught to have a faith in God from an early age has strengthened this amazing young woman to build a professional career for herself. She finds pleasure in healing and helping all who come within contact. 

Secrets buried in the family closet constantly haunt Doctor Ross. What is the mysterious cover up about her parents demise and why?

Secrets buried in the family closet constantly haunt Doctor Ross. What is the mysterious cover up about her parents demise and why?


I discovered after 3 years that AMAZON and all on-line sellers, did not have it TAGGED correctly.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Romance Novel ~ Discovering Treasure.

The Story....

A Christian romance to stir magic in the mind and music to the soul

It’s 1925 and Paris is the city of romance and exotic fashion. Treasure Gilroy is a famous model living in the heart of this dazzle, working between London, New York and Milan. Then suddenly and inexplicably she vanishes from her opulent lifestyle.

Having inherited her grandmother’s estate, Treasure journeys back to a beautiful valley on the other side of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, outback Australia. She travels with her best friend, Ella, who is English and works as a French hair coiffeur. They’ve been friends for a few years, but there is something mysterious about Ella and neither woman can explain their déjà vu bond.

When Treasure meets her grandmother’s lawyer, Connor Latham, who is a returned World War I fighter pilot, passions ignite; yet Connor alternates between sizzling and icy when they are together. Will Treasure lose her heart to him?

Family secrets are discovered and skeletons in the closet revealed. Finally Treasure gains understanding of the many uncertainties facing her. As she forges new beginnings, the sadness in her heart begins to dissipate.

Where does belief in God fit in? Treasure has been brought up without any knowledge of Jesus, so sees no necessity for him. Will she come to an understanding about God’s unconditional love for her? Does she receive the free gift offered, or does she reject it?


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Friday, November 20, 2015

Domestic Violence - Abuse.

I will be speaking about this import issue at Gympie Reginal Library - Queensland next Thursday  26th November at 10-30am till 12-30am.
Please book your seat.  Phone: 5481-0859

I came out of this pain at 49 years old, and went on to forge a career as a health professional. 
I didn't understand OR know the answers then, but I do now.  

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Time Capsule

Looking back in time at the interior of this house dated 1854 in Melbourne, Australia.

1 Samuel 25:6 “And thus you shall greet him: ‘Peace be to you, and peace be to your house, and peace be to all that you have.”

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Back Cover of "Abused without Mercy."

                  Back Cover

Abused without Mercy

A young innocent girl starved for affection meets a young man, desiring for him to fill a void in her life. She believes if she gives him everything he wants then he will love her in return. In her naivety she mistakes his lust for love. This man is a controller and a narcissist. By remaining loyal to him she ultimately ends up suffering…..

    Text Box: ««««««««

  • An abortion at sixteen.
  • Marriage to a man who only loves and cares for himself.
  • Cultural diversity – Fear and shame used to control her.
  • Physical abuse – Beaten.
  • Mental abuse – Self confidence and worth striped away. Followed by anxiety and fear.
  • Spiritual abuse – No spiritual freedom. Persecuted and ridiculed for her beliefs.
  • Witnesses the abuse of her children
  • Aware of her husband’s unfaithfulness.

In this story you will read how one lonely girl gets caught in a web of abuse by her husband. This is in a time when problems in the home were not spoken about so she doesn’t know where to turn. She is also scared to talk to authorities for fear of punishment.  

God’s wisdom says, “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?”            2 Corinthians 6:14  N.I.V.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

My New Book out - Abused without Mercy - A CHRISTIAN Woman's Secret Story



New Xulon Title Gets Message Of Abuse Out In The Open

Cozens` pens that despite struggles – nothing is impossible with God

MAITLAND, FL— Within the pages of Annie A. Cozens` new book, Abused without Mercy, ($10.99, paperback, 9781498445856) readers will discover a real life story of abuse. A young innocent girl starved for affection meets a young man, desiring for him to fill a void in her life. She believes if she gives him everything he wants then he will love her in return. In her naivety, she mistakes his lust for love. This man is a controller. This book reveals how she gets caught in a web of her husband’s abuse – at a time when problems in the home were not spoken. She is scared to talk to authorities for fear of punishment. It took years for her to realize that obeying her husband was different from allowing him to use his mouth to belittle her and his hand to strike her. Instead he should have used his heart to love her.

I want readers to understand that not only is abuse not scriptural, Jesus himself commanded us to love one another,” states the author. “Even a Christian wife is not to settle for treatment of this kind. Neither is a Christian husband to allow his wife to belittle him. This book will hopefully build courage into the reader not to accept second best in their relationship.”

Annie A. Cozens` is a wife, mother and grandmother. Having suffered hurt and shame, she hopes by writing her story will help other women from falling into that same trap. Although this is a different age in time with more education and discussion, abuse still thrives and women still remain silent. Annie escaped this marriage when she was almost fifty and went on to gain a professional career, proving you are never too old to learn. The scars remain and she has had to battle her emotions especially when made to feel inferior. She is now a semi-retired health professional and a Bible college graduate.

Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is the world’s largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 12,000 titles published to date.
Retailers may order Abused without Mercy through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. The book is available online through,, and

KINDLE VERSION available now.>

PAPERBACK due out on the 28th August, 2015

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Why Write A Christian Inspirational Romance ~

 Why I wrote a Christian inspirational love story...??
 Sometimes a person who is not a Christian yet can read something easy to understand like a fictional story, will find a message from God just for themselves.
For many years this applied to me.
I loved reading and wanted to believe in love while in a thirty year abusive marriage. Jeanette Oke, Catherine Marshall, and Corrie Ten Boom were the authors I filled my heart with, and their fiction and non fiction encouragement brought me closer in my spiritual relationship with our Lord.

So my own book has scripture verses and understandings throughout.
My intention is always to find and help the broken hearted, as I once was, and to give them a hope beyond themselves.

Finally walking away from that relationship I returned to nursing and devoted myself to the care of others. Doing this was a healing balm for myself as well as those I met.

Yet working as a registered nurse both in the Emergency Department and Mental Health Units of major hospitals I have seen so many people who are worn out with despair.
Encouraging for the short time they were in my care never felt enough, surely there was more that I could do....
And this was one of my reasons to begin writing once I retired. I want to encourage, inspire and lift up others to know they have a Savour who has not forgotten them, no matter their life choices.

We can't put the blame on God when life doesn't measure up. We need to look at ourselves and realise our own mistakes and learn from them...
Through all of this, we are being moulded into vessels of use to reach out and show Gods loves in a more compassionate understanding way.

My story hopefully gives love, care and inner strength with a strong drawing to a faith in Jesus.
It is set in my homeland of Australia....

Read My Author Blog

Always read Books that will uplift encourage and inspire you to be a happier person.

NOTE: A second book, will be out shortly...and it is a non fiction. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Christian Author ~

Yes! I am a Christian author, and proud to be so.
Jesus Christ shed his blood, to redeem me from my sins.
So what can I do in return to thank him? I can be grateful and help others to see, the mercy of his goodness.
Perhaps you are someone who has been hurt by a church?
People hurt you, God did not!

However, he does give everyone a free choice and with that free choice some choose to be cruel, unkind and hurtful.....
But that is not of God.

As a Christian writer I choose to INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE.. ~~
I believe everyone of us needs that..

We can be better people ~ OR ~ Bitter people. I choose to be better.

Loving God ~ truly believing in Him ~ Heart ~ Mind ~ Soul ~ Strength ~
Makes you a kinder YOU.

We all have choices... Choose well~

Its not easy to be a Christian Author.... to write your heart, when some people criticize that.

I have just finished writing two more books, one is Fiction and the other Non Fiction.
They are both with editors now and I hope at least one is out by Christmas.
The Non Fiction with surprise everyone.  Yes, I have finally been able to write about my thirty years of abuse. 
How can I still believe in God you may ask?
Because, I learnt to worship Him, instead of my abuser.
AND ~ in all truth, I made the choice.

I love this Bible verse.  I have used it to Encourage and Inspire myself for years.

Vision ~ Yes! We all need to have A vision NOW and always.

So, everyday when you arise, be thankful for all you have, because its God given.

I choose to remain in a marriage that was difficult for many reasons....
WHY ? ~ I now understand that I didn't have to.
It all comes down to choices.
I cannot blame others for my wrong choices.
BUT ~ I can now encourage others to make better ones than I did.

So, Be Inspired and be Encouraged and READ RIGHT!

SPEAK THIS OUT LOUD ~ I am Special, I am Blessed, I am beloved of God!
Gods Love for you is FREEly given, so FREEly receive.

My Author Page ~ Watch around Christmas for my new Book.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Queenslander.Home

The Queenslander Home refers to a unique style especially designed for sub tropical weather conditions. They take a lot of work to up keep, specially in refreshing the paint work.
Our sun is harsh and fades everything quickly.

The benefit of living in the house, especially the HIGH SET design is that air circulates underneath.
With ceiling fans in every room its rare to bother with turning on the air-conditioner.

This first home is ours. Work remains in placing window shutters, and a carport to sun protect our vehicles. Under the house is utilized as a workshop and garage.

The name of our Home is : Karinya which in Aboriginal means ~  Peaceful Home.


                               The Queenslander is the Australian way of life that continues on.

Except the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; except the Lord keeps the city, the watchman wakes but in vain. - Psalm 127:1