Sunday, December 13, 2009

I've Been Awarded...Thank you Kathrann

Now I have to write 7 things about myself! Well... don't know that anyone will be interested but here goes

I LOVEEEEE Colours.......and I love FLOWERS!!! is my colourful flowerery Queenslander House.
The garden is growing real well... we have Kangaroo paws, and Pigs face...Yes, they are real flowers. Plus lots of Ozzie native...Must feed the birds.

2) Next Mango's are the BEST!!
and our Mango Tree is full this year.

Another week to go and they'll be picked and shared with anyone who hasn't got them.

3)  These little fellows chatter in our trees all day long....  I missed  them when I lived oversea's

4)  I love my Sunburnt Country and  Outback Austraila .....
the colours are incredible!

5)We live close to the ocean
its an Ozzie way of life..
I love the smell....

6) What don't I like??? 

Welllllll....... Not termite nests

7)  OR.....  CROCODILES........

Sooooo Welcome to My World..... and May God Bless all!
A Special Thanks to 

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