Saturday, February 20, 2010

Believe in Water

My Pool
I love water.  The taste, sound, sight, feel and at the ocean, the smell.
If you can't sleep just close your eyes and see the ocean, listen to the waves crashing on the sand,and smell that salty aroma. I can't think of the ocean without reflecting on the pelican so majestically strolling while keeping an eye alert for fish. For the dolphins swimming in early each morning seeking human contact and finally, the humpbacks frolicking out in the deep. I forget the sharks because mainly we have shark patrols and nets....
I used to live 10 minutes walk to the ocean, the beautiful Pacific, that changes colour with tempist.
Now its an hours drive away and the most serene tranquil place to sit and watch the sun rising on the horizon. It's incredible.

But there's always the pool, to swim laze and relax in. A soothing balm.
I came off duty one night arriving home at 2300hrs, peeled off my uniform full pelt, and took a hurried shower, before racing to the pool. I can't swim having experienced 2 near drownings. But I have a floaty and put that on to swim up and down.
On this particular night not long after soaking I felt something close by touch my body. In the half light I could see a long thin curved shape. "Oh no, a snake!"  I got out as fast as possible.   Via torch light I discovered a long leaf from the overhead palm tree floating on the water. Needless to say, the torch was used from then on to make sure it was safe before climbing in. 

Drink lots of water: Your endocrine gland function will improve. By drinking water, more fat is used as fuel, since the liver is free to metabolize stored fat.  Drink a glass instead of reaching for something to eat, it curbs hunger. And when at home on a hot day, saturate your facial and neck skin with it. It's cheaper and better than a moisturiser.
Praise God for His unlimitless love in gifts freely given. Let's not take them for granted  


  1. This touched me because I am so....yearning for spring. Beautiful pictures:)

  2. Ohhhhhhhh! Do you have snow I wonder? In the 3 years I lived in TN there was hardly any. Here the humidity gets to you.
    We are also experiencing the tropical storms. They come suddenly and the rain pelts down occassionaly with hail.
    God Bless you heaps. Hugs


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