Monday, February 22, 2010

The Meaning of a Name

Oh how important it is, to name a child correctly. God tells us our words are important!

In Matthew 12:36, We are told, not to let our words be careless.

A nickname can be careless and very harmful!

To those of us who love God, we want to build up another by our words! Not tear them down.
Yes a child may accept a nickname, even laugh at it because they know naught else to do.
However, the name caller will be held accountable before God.

Look at the Bible.........
See how God changed a persons name to change the character of  a person. And to perhaps change the direction of that persons life.

Jacob was wrestled with all night, and his name changed.
From Jacob meaning "Supplanter or Deceiver" He became Israel meaning "Having Power With God." 

Why did God do this??
Because...Names are important !!!.........

My own 4 childrens names  and meanings: 
"Euphemia" (43yrs) Spoken well of  (yes she is)
"Hope"         Trust, Faith (yes she has)
"Peter"         (41yrs) Rock  (Yes, he is very dependable)
"Anthony"   Worthy of Praise (Yes, he is)

"Daniella"   (37) God is my judge (God convicts her)
"Marguerite"  A pearl (She is a rare person)

"Pasquale"  (30) Born at Easter (True believer)
"Joel" The Lord Is God  (He named his own son Izaiah, meaning Salvation of God)

I was unable to name 3 of my childrens first names. But God took care of this for me.

Isaiah 26:3. "I will keep in perfect peace, he who's mind is stayed in thee."

The boy Samuel. Name meaning "Gods Word." And that's what he became. 


  1. Great post. We took that into great consideration when we named both our boys (both names mean to conquer).


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