Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gods Good Health

Much Good Health is Automatic:  Some may disagree, however here are some of my tips for living a healthier lifestyle.

1. Fresh Air (containes 21% oxygen (U.S.) otherwise known as O2.  Or O3 near the ocean.)
Too many of us live continually in Airconditioned comfort. When weather permits, open windows and door and breath that good fresh air. O2 feeds your cells. Without that food cells die and so do you!  O2 is something you cannot live long without...so enjoy the benefit of fresh air. 
Breath properly: Watch a baby sleeping and you will see a good breather. As we age we become lazy taking the O2 into our upper respiratory tract. So become aware of the value of fresh air.

2. Water. I spoke on this previously. Drinking water cleans your insides. Just think! When you wash your car or your house...you use water. Not Coco Cola, Tea, Coffee or similar. By all means drink these also if you desire....Just don't omit a few glasses of,  just water.

3. Eat Live Foods. Cancer killing proven fact by Dr Stepehen Mak (BSF Course).  Fresh fruit needs to be eaten on an empty stomach...To...Detox your system and provide more life enriching energy for weight loss and activities. Fruit eaten after meals ferments and goes bad.   Vegtable are another live food necessary for good health. Eat raw, juiced or steamed......BUT...leave the skin on! This is where the most nutrients are. I am not against meat or dairy products..... However, eat well. 

4. Laugh.  Wonderful medicine. Lifts brain endorphins alleviating mood swings and depression. 
Clears the lungs and assists in lung'/ heart function. 

5. Exercise. Swimming (passive)  is the best as it prevents wear and tear on ankles, knees and hips.
Also useful for those with any mobility problems.
Or walk 20 minutes 3 times per week at least. And when you do, meditate!
Thank God for all you have. Praise Him in the nature you see all around. The birds singing, the flowers blooming, a floating butterfly a frillneck lizard racing by. There is so much to see and be thankful for. This allows time to rest and refreshen your spirit with all Gods created beauty.


 My daughter Daniella sharing the love at the beach.


  1. Such a wonderful post. I'm going to print it out. Thank you

  2. My pleasure... God bless you Sister. HUGS(OOOOO)


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