Thursday, February 25, 2010

JESUS The Greatest Teacher.

It's not who you are in the world that matters, it's who you are in Christ.

A well know public identity, Nicodemus called to see Jesus one night.

He was a well educated man and one of authority.
Like many such persons he could have considered he knew it all!    
He was a Sanhedrin! From the highest legal and judicial body of the Jews, so he was, the Cre`me de la crem.
Yet, he esteemed Jesus, by calling him Rabbi (teacher). 
He also acknowledged Jesus came from God.

Recently I received an email from an unsaved friend. Everything in this email brought out some of the worst events mentioned in the Old Testiment......  
It was signed by a Professor from some University?

I was astounded!  The reason being...if a Universiy Professor wrote such a letter, he would not have taken only one section of the Bible, and write about it with authority. Firstly, he'd RESEARCH  all the other books of the Bible before trying to reach a conclusion. Next, he'd have written in the third person, not the first.   

Back to Nicodemus...   As a scholar he wanted to know more. He wanted to RESEARCH and comprehend this Rabbi Jesus. He wanted to acknowledged his own belief, that Jesus came from God.   He humbled himself ... and became the student. He wanted to understand.........

Surprisingly,  people wish to understand more about God yet don't go to him personally.

I would advise anyone..... If you don't own a Bible, buy one! If you don't like reading, buy a Bible D.V.D.
Begin with Genesis and the Creation, then go on and read the New Testament. (The new Will of God). When you feel you understand this (somewhat), then, read God's Old Will. 
The Old Testament (Old Will)....brings into effect the new....
And with the new, you will learn... As the wise Nicodemus. 
The Truth That Sets You Free.  


  1. Hi Crystal,
    Thanks for the hug. I needed it:) You know I look at Nicodemus, a man who was a scholar, and think "wow, he humbly went and asked a question that so many still struggle with today." Humbleness is something we all need as we approach our Heavenly Father.


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