Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Discovering Ansestors

You could be working with, or living close by, someone your related to. My mother constantly plagued me about her cousin's daughter. "She works at your hospital, she's a nurse like you, you must have met her. Her name is Alison." I explained to my mother again, how many nurses worked there! "I don't know her Mum!"
One day. Arriving on Orthopaedic's and the last in the door for hand-over, I was informed I was to work in Emergency. All the other nurses stared silently. Glad it wasn't them. Walking into the unknown, the first nurse I met and became good friends with was Ali. After being together for a couple of weeks I receive another call from my mother. "If your working in Emergency, then you must have met Alison!" Racking my brain, I couldn't think of anyone by that name.
Her father called her also, informing her of me.  
She was waiting! and pounced hugging me when I walked in on an afternoon shift.
"Your my cousin!" 
It was Ali.... ..and we rejoiced.
Later she gave me old photos of our mutual great grand family....... I have posted one here today.
Life is wonderful. You never know ... the next person you meet ... may be related.   
Great Grand parents from Wales.  Ellen and Thomas.
(Doesn't he resemble my grandfather, his son, in the photo below)


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