Monday, January 24, 2011

Thinking......Thoughts. ???

Do you have bad thoughts?

Do you feel angry at others?

Do you allow these thoughts to rule your day?

If so, you will be a slave to an ugly mind.

It will rule you and ruin you.

It will take away your joy of life.

For the God who created us and knows this wrote.

"A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things:
And an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things."
 Matthew 12:35

BAD things can happen to GOOD people.
Jesus himself was an example of this.

He gave of Himself in every way.
Even dying a horrific death, paying the price of sin for us.
Yet many still deny Him.....
Use His name as a swear word.
Tell jokes about Him.
Laugh about Him....

Yet For those who love Him.
He gives a change of heart.
And with that change of heart..
Comes peace..
It flows through you like a river..
It cleanses and re freshens..~~~

"Finally, brothers, whatever is True,
whatever is Noble, whatever is Right,
whatever is Pure, whatever is Lovely,
whatever is Admirable--
If anything is Excellent or Praiseworthy--
Think about Such Things." Philippians 4:8



  1. Wonderful post!!! Thank you for sharing!!! This is a great help to me!!!

    God's Blessings to you and your family!!!


  2. Good post, and the scripture is one of my favorites.

  3. Hi Crystal Mary,

    I remember a stranger walking up to me and asking if I like to read. At the time, I thought it was a strange question, but before I spoke a word, I was nodding my head to indicate yes. As the man extended his arm I saw he was handing me a book. I had never heard of Norman Vincent Peale but I found that to be one of those indelible moments when God creates an intersection along my life's journey.

    I had no idea the book would reveal to me spiritual principles for Christ-centered living. I never saw that stranger again, but God bless him.

    Blessings and peace.


  4. Oh the peace that comes from a changed heart! How wonderful.
    My son and I had quite the day batteling, until I finally shut my mouth and head into my room to pray. I cried out to God please change my son's heart for he is stuborn and foolish. I pleaded with God and I thought He might be silent but 4 hrs later my son came in trying to battle again but this time the Holy Spirit intervened and my son could not continue in his foolishness. The scales fell off his eyes, his ears were un-stopped and his heart was changed. Praise God!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving love and hugs, they were very timely! God is using you Crystal Mary and I thank Him for creating you and allowing our pathways to cross.

    God Bless,

  5. Lon, Bless you.

    Gorges, One of mine also.
    MTJ, I am glad you were given that book. God wanted you to have it. I have given a few of these away myself.

    Child of God, I have prayed about your sons attitude. I cannot believe how disrespectful they can dare to be. I have a 42yr old who blames me for his problems. Its easy to load onto a scapegoat and stick your head in the ground and deny. I would never have dared blame a parent. May the Lord open their eyes on the truth and guide them in a walk of righousness. In His Name. Amen and Amen
    Much love sent. xx

  6. Hi again Crystal Mary,
    Thank you for these prayers.
    I really think our children are being attacked with rebelliouness for I would NEVER say the things to my parents that my kids say to me and mine are homeschooled and I was not! :)

    I have prayed for your son and will continue to hold him up to God in prayer over this.

    God bless,

  7. Awesome post. It troubles me when people not only deny Jesus, but use His name as a swear word. They are blinded and do not realize what they do. Also I love Philippians 4:8
    God bless you.

  8. Beautiful Kingfisher!

    Graat post, you have such a gift for writing!

    And it is always special to find another Australian blogger, thankyou for your visit and encouraging comment. We sing at Aged Homes 6-10 times a month the last couple of years, and that is a real blessing. And yes we are blessed here in Australia.

    Take care and God Bless, Jan

  9. " . . . And the Lord of Peace Shall Be With You"

    Love & Love,

  10. The verse you posted is the one I quote when Satan brings ugly thoughts to mind. I refuse to have his thoughts take root in my mind. He flees at the sound of Scripture. Great post.

  11. sorry for intruding but i don't see you anymore on SEPIA SATURDAY, and you being in QUEENSLAND... with what they said on the news, i wondered if you were alright, concerning the floods and all. i see you're still posting, so, i guess, you're alright??

  12. Child of God... Together we stand...onward Christian soldiers..Huz xxxx

    Ken, No sweeter name than Jesus.

    Jan, He is the blue winged kookaburra..Lovely to meet you Jan Huzzz.

    Georgy, Love and love also to u. xx

    Pamela, So true, "Create in me a claen heart oh Lord."
    Lovely to meet you here. Welcome.

    Ticklebear...Oh a big hug to you also. We are almost finished cleaning in my was so bad.

  13. cleaning is ONE thing, but what about the damages. surely you can't boast that everything is pristine and as good as new... there may be miracles, but i still haven't seen one in such cases... and i presume that insurance companies don't cover this, as it is deemed an "act of god"... no pun intended. that's just the way they call this. wishing you the best of luck with all of this, and may you get the necessary assistance in this instance.


  14. Hi Ticklebear, No it's not good as new...
    But Ozzies are resilient and get on with life. Everyone helps their mates and in the end, what's important is lives. Homes can be rebuilt. This may amaze you. If you met me, you would meet someone who laughs at almost everything.. Even at myself.. Bless you.

  15. a good sense of humor is the best way to keep your sanity. may a smile always find its way unto your lips.

    as for ozzies, of course you're resilient!! given the country's history, in its beginning, resiliency i believe is ow part of your genes.
    a bit like us in quebec!! humble and harsh beginnings, but look at us now!!!

  16. It is cleansing and refreshing. Bad thoughts??? Get behind me Satan! Go!

  17. Very beautiful post thank you. I love Norman Vincent Peal as I do have this book. I refer back to it quit often. Blessings.


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