Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Be Transformed

Nature is so natural....
                                                 Yellow crested cockatoo..

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world,
 but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--
His good, pleasing and perfect will.
Romans" 12:2

I awoke this morning with the above verse.
And wondered why??
Am I too worldly?
I suppose in many ways, we all are to some extent.

Reading this verse through and contemplating further,
I can't help but realise, that even two thousand years ago,
this was an issue!!!

Man has never been content!
There is always a seeking for what is considered the best.
The most authentic!

I am no different to anyone else.
Last night I went to bed desiring certain changes in my life.
How selfish is that???
After all, if I trust in the Lord with all my heart, then I know, my life is how God Will's it to be.
If I want to complain in my heart,
then I am saying to God,
"I don't like the way you do things."

When I look deeply within myself,
 Am I wanting to conform to the ways of the world???
 Always have a tidy home and everything perfect.
Can I allow myself to be transformed to the Perfect Will of God??

What is that Will??

2 Peter 3, says "God desires that none should perish."

He also desires we "build up treasure in Heaven, not on earth."

On our news last night they showed the fashions of the women attending the Oscar's.
The emphasis was on walking the red carpet, posing, camera's flashing, and who looked the best.
Such a lot of pomp and glamour.
And, just for one night?

What are your priorities?
Are you a God pleaser or a man pleaser??
I believe we all need to search our heart on this.


  1. I love that verse, thank you!

    Very good point you gave!

    My desire is to please God before any other!

    God's Blessings to you all,


  2. Powerful verse...be transformed. This world is most definitely not our home!!! (DId you read my post today, lol!) Your post is a confirmation! :)

  3. And our minds are the battle grounds between things of God and that of this world. Only by His grace. But what a great reminder! God bless sister!

  4. That was the verse and reading, and song at my brother's funeral in 1997. Sandie

  5. I don't watch any award ceremonies - but, what a great analogy; just for one night. I'm afraid we have to many Christians conforming to the world and not Christ. What we allow into our heart is who we begin to imitate. We need to let Jesus have full reign of our heart, soul and mind. Great post.

  6. Hello Lon, Yes you do please God, I am sure.

    Hi kimberley, God is so amazing..It is beyond me. Your dream was so excellent.

    Rose, God bless you so much also sister.

    Hi Sandie, Your brothers funeral must have been a wonderful witness.

    Hi Deno,No I don't watch awards either, I find them tedious and boring. It was on the news..
    Yes, our mind needs to be fixed on Him.

  7. I know I'm not a man pleaser but I need to really work on the God pleaser part of my days. Thank you for that gentle reminder. Have a great day.

  8. LOL! My post from yesterday suports this one. Praise God for speaking to us, this must be an issue He wishes to drive home.

    I want to please God beyond all and I can be such a failure but thanks to our God there is forgiveness and He understands us better than we understand ourselves. The best way for me to keep Him front and center is to always be in an on going relationship with Him. When I mess up I tell Him right away and believe in my heart that He forgives me right away and then put Him front and center, like driving a car. We are forever making small adjustments in the steering wheel as we drive forward. We are pointed in the right direction but have to keep steering there or we will veer off the road.

    I am a God pleaser!

  9. Hi Crystal Mary -

    Thank you for sharing your sincerity with us.
    We all have our "moments" when we need to be reminded of who is FIRST - OUR LORD.

    One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 63:8 - KJV, "My soul followeth hard after thee: thy right hand upholdeth me."

  10. Ahhh, but wait till the "Hollywood" crowd walks the "red carpet" at the throne of God for the final judgement. There will be weeking and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    EVERY knee will bow and every tongue will confess...myself...I can hardly wait. I just hope the "Hollywood" crowd feels the same way before they leave this earth.

  11. I actually don't watch the oscars, only because I do not have cable:) I do believe we have to constantly ask God to search our heart. I am not much of a man pleaser, my desire is to only please God.

  12. Our pastor just finished a series on Romans 12:1&2. he did a phenomenal job with it! Some of the messages can be heard on our church website. www.clevelandfbc.com

  13. Good Morning, Crystal!!
    What a wonderful day our dear Lord is granting to us!! Praise the Lord for His blessings on us!! I can see that you have so many great followers in your wonderful blog. That is lovely, Crystal. It is a real achievement to be well known as a wise messenger for the Lord worldwide. I agree with the Scriptures about we should store our treasures in Heaven, not on Earth. Many folks are only worried for the material things that they can get in this material world. I am more interested in my spiritual wealth rather than shallow temporary belongings. When we store wealth in Heaven, they will be treasured forever as an everlasting wealth. Our worldly things will perish in no time.
    God's richest blessings may always abound in your life, sweet Crystal, and those you love!! I am sure you must miss your husband so much when he travels to the States. I have learned beautiful things about your home, Australia. I love it!! Steve Irwin made Australia well known worldwide. We all miss him so much, since he is in Heaven. Steve Irwin was an outstanding Conservationist of Our Natural Environment.
    Thank you for joining my blog, Crystal!! I miss you when you don't visit me...I shall return.
    Peace be with you in the Lord, Crystal.
    In God's Garden,
    Starry Dawn.

  14. Hi Crystal Mary -

    Thank you so much for commenting on my FREELY RECEIVED FREELY GIVEN blog. I appreciate your kind loving words.

    I am getting ready to post today on my other blog, LIONS SHARE MAJESTY at www.lioneaglesoar.blogspot.com a post titled, "STRONG ARM THE DEVIL."

  15. Great post. Romans 12:2 is one of my favorite verses. When we become "new creatures" and put off the "old self" we are beginning the transformation that God wants. God wants us to become like His Son, but we always have this battle going on within us between the flesh and spirit. But the closer we draw to God the more Christ-like we become. Our goal is to overcome the self-centerness and become Christ-centered. God bless, Lloyd

  16. You are such a Blessing,
    And Inspiration,
    Thank you, Thank you.

  17. Awesome post!!! I know I have never been content...
    As for me, I want that easy worry free life, no problems etc... But not my will be done for His will is perfect.


  18. Crystal-
    Thank you for sharing the words the Lord has given you. yes, we must all work hard to avoid being sucked in by this world. I agree we must have our heart in the right place, with God. Thank you for posting your thoughts.

  19. I guess I'm not as quick to say something is God's will as most folks. I think he gives us a lot of free will to mess things up, if we so choose. Plus some of our troubles are the result of others exercising THEIR free will.

  20. Really great post thank you so much. My heart goes out to those Hollywood. Most of them are miserable and most are on drugs, or they are starving themselves, it's very sad when all they need is Jesus.

  21. Hi Mary,
    Thank you so much for the great post! I am facing some difficult decisions right now, so the verses you chose, and your words really helped to encourage me! Thank you again, and have a great day!!!


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