Saturday, July 2, 2011


SO Sad to find bad people in this world.

 HACKERS are into my Facebook Page and Email....
So, if you receive a letter supposedly from me, asking for money,
IT IS NOT ME, I don't do this!
AND they are very evil.


  1. I got a letter from you asking for $$- but I knew it was not yours.

  2. I have had a number of these in the past. I just delete them. It is always a scam.

  3. So embarrassing. I would never ever ask for money. Sorry.. xxx

  4. Are they calling themselves Crystal Lindsey? I've just checked my emails and there is a message from a Crystal Lindsey. I haven't opened it, I think I will just go back and delete it.
    Sorry to hear this has happened to you Crystal Mary. It happened to my husband some years ago with his yahoo email. The hacker sent letters to my hubby's contacts all over the world asking for money, saying that he was stuck in Nigeria and needed a great deal of money right away.
    But no one was fooled by it.

  5. Oh this is bad! People! I am praying for a lady's baby and someone stole a few pics of her baby and claimed he was her child, set up a FB account and all! She was caught and found out it was a 14 year old girl goofing around.

    I hope this ends soon, praying.

  6. Hi Crystal, I got one this morning asking for 800 dollars to help because you were stranded at Heathrow Airport! I was relieved to hear it was a hoax, and that you are indeed well and safe at home! God bless, and let's hope this problem gets sorted out (have you changed your password?)

  7. hey lovely, deleted it straight away - it was obviously spamming hackers.

  8. OMG! I just sent you $100!

    Just kiddin'. :)

  9. Thank you friends.
    And thanks for making me laugh Clint.
    Hugs to all.

  10. I have changed my whole email address..

  11. We got viruses twice on FB so even though most of my friends are on it, we are not. I totally agree that hackers are evil. They definitely deserve prison time!

  12. I quit Facebook for just this reason.

  13. Hi Crystal,
    I did get an email yesterday and I had a feeling it wasn't from you!! I can't remember what it was just weird!

    It happened to my daughter-in-law last month...what a mess!

    Wishing you a happy weekend! And it was still good to hear from you (even though it was an imposter!)


  14. I had this happen a few weeks ago with my yahoo. My password was changed I couldn't even get into my mail. Your right hackers are bad! Most definitely. Take care, God Bless.

  15. This is the very reason I deleted my Facebook account...

  16. Hello Crystal Mary. I've had a problem with FB lately too. Someone posted to my wall and when I tried to delete what, to me was very unsavoury content, It instead shared it. Very embarrassing.
    Don't let this get you down, everyone understands. God bless you my friend, Geoff.

  17. Crystal Mary,
    I knew immediately when I got the email that it wasn't from you. It brought back the rush of feelings that I had when it happened to me a couple of years ago. Please don't let this discourage you from all the good you are doing with your posts!

    Praying for you that "When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD will lift up a standard against him"

  18. Oh thank you all so much. It is discouraging. I have had so many knocks in the last year from many directions. Blessings to all. CM


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