Monday, October 17, 2011

Scarecrow Festival Day Out

Ray went off to golf and my granddaughter Shiarn and I drove out to the Mary Valley.
How I love the Mary Valley. 
I don't know why its called that as there are many hills, and valley's. 
Serenity is plentiful, wildlife wanders the roads, and for this month, they feature a Scarecrow Festival.

Our first stop was Amamoor.

Not every farm displayed a scarecrow. 
We didn't find them all, but these are the ones we did.

We stopped at a local school hoping they had one...
Nothing was there accept for galahs feeding off the lawn.

                                 Our last stop was at Brooloo.
As a little girl I grew up in a small country community.
This hall brought back the memories of a Saturday night dance.
Everyone went, even the children.
Cakes, sandwiches and drinks were taken by all for supper.
The men went outside and around the back away from the women and children if they wanted to drink alcohol or smoke. Not many did. 
Later we all walked the few miles home.
I remember holding onto my sister on one side of me and my mother on the other. 
They supported me as I walked with eyes closed and legs moving.
I suppose because I grew up in the country with the outdoor living, I think its the best.


  1. Beautiful pictures, love the old building. The simple life is always more fulfilling.
    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~

  2. A fun day for sure! Loved the pictures, looks like a fun day.

  3. I would love to live a more simple life - I agree - looks like you had some fun. sandie

  4. These are such cool scarecrows!!! And I really enjoyed the story of your Saturday night dances.

  5. Looks like a fun place to be!!! It's nice when something makes one reflect back upon something that was pleasant from some time back!!!

    There was an aroma that I smelled in the air of the place where me and my wife live, that I picked up today, that made me reflect back on a pleasant time I had many years ago. I asked my wife if she was cooking something, but she replied . . . with a no.

    So now I'm wondering if this beautiful fragrance that I smelled, wasn't the smell of the presence of my Lord Jesus. All I know is that I feel He's very close to me!!!

    God bless you Crystal Mary!!!

  6. Sounds like a lovely outing. I wish I grew up like you did ;-)

  7. Love the photos Mary. I can relate to the country style of living. Growing up on a farm in the country I have several fond memories. God bless, Lloyd

  8. Oh, how fun. I absolutely adore scarecrows....and snowmen!!! ;-)
    Thank you, sweet friend, for leaving such wonderful comments on my blog about my Mom's heart attack....and for telling me how dehydration can bring on a heart attack....wonderful knowledge for future reference!

  9. Sounds like a fun time, great pictures, thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Crystal Mary,

    After reading and seeing your terrific photo's I'm in love with 'Mary Valley' - this really bought a smile to my face, as I'm a country girl at heart.

    I'll have to jump in my car too and just do it {as Nike would say} and go for a drive to Mary Valley.

    Praying you are getting stronger as each day passes.


  11. What fun to see all the scarectrows! It's greatr we have the beautiful memories from way back Crystal Mary. asending big hugs.
    June xx

  12. Australia is famous for its scare crow festivals. Even at Mount Tambourine people are waiting for this festival eagerly. This is just amazing.

    Mt tamborine wineries


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