Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Dead Sea Scolls Bible Proof.

Many people ask the question!
Can you prove the Bible is true?
How do you know it is?
Show me the evidence!

Well my question to them is.......
How can you prove the Bible is not true??
It seems many have tried to disprove it, and have failed.

I have recently listened to a professor speak on the magnificent find of the Dead Sea Scrolls,

What an amazing discovery of Bible truths.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are a collection of about 900 documents, including texts from the Hebrew Bible, discovered between 1947 and 1956 in eleven caves in and around the ruins of the ancient settlement of Khirbet Qumran on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea in the West Bank.

In 1947 a young Bedouin boy decided to climb the face of some very high cliff's near the Dead Sea, to bring back his stray goats. 
His name was Juma and little did he realize his discovery of two small openings to one of the 
thousands of caves within the cliff, would hold a secret hidden for thousands of years. 
He threw a rock into one of the openings. Hearing an unexpected cracking sound, he suspecting treasure hidden within and called to his two cousins, Khalil and Muhammed. They climbed up to listen to his exciting tale.
The younger of the three boys investigated further a few days later and was saddened to find  nothing but broken old clay pots and pieces of old parchment.
Collectively found in total were 15,000 fragments from some 574 manuscripts...
All carefully written, recorded and safely stored for future discovery.

The scrolls those Bedouin boys removed would  later come to be recognized as the greatest manuscript treasure ever found.
The Dead Sea Scrolls--------
Proof of the Bible's existence and the truth of God's Word!! 

God loves his children, you and I. Many people have bad experiences, in the name of religion.
Due to this, and from the hurt, some fall away.
Let me say. No sin is bigger than another. Sin is sin... and we are all sinners.

Even Mary, Jesus own mother admitted herself a sinner.
In her own words she said. 

"My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour." 
Luke 1:46
What a beautiful  person of faith, and an example, for many.  

Jesus was sinless, as he carried his fathers blood. Many children carry the blood of their father rather than their mother. 
As a nurse, I know this is so.
As a mother, I am an R H Factor negative blood grouping, whereas my children are all positive.

I hope your heart is not hardened... 
I pray you believe. 


  1. My eldest son took the opposite view, that The dead Sea scrolls disproved the Bible. I purchased a copy of the translation and read it. It was a tough read, but I was able to have a discussion with him about how it does show the Bible is the word of god, and unchanged. The entire book of Isaiah is there, complete, word for word with the modern Bible.

  2. Hi There, I'm trying to catch back up on blogs after being gone a week... Hope you have been okay.

    I took a class on the Dead Sea Scrolls once... Very interesting... I love learning all about the history of the Bible... I guess that lots of things in life can be questioned --but there are just some things --like God, Jesus and the Bible -- that don't need to be questioned. It's just a matter of believing!

    Have a great day.

  3. I love that God allowed these scrolls to be found. I am a believer because of faith, I still find things like this fascinating...

  4. The older I get, the more I realize just how accurate the Bible is.

    1. Me too. In fact, I was given a scripture verse once that I didn't know. God is amazing.

  5. I agree with Gorges, The older I've become the more I understand and come to know it hits the nail on the head..I find it so fascinating..blessings, Susie

  6. Dear Crystal Mary, With or without the dead sea scrolls, I believe. Jesus lives within me, this I know. So awfully sad, for those who choose not to believe. In His Love, Kerrie

    1. You have come through much Kerrie and it has strengthened your faith.

  7. Dear Crystal, . . . the Dead Sea Scrolls certainly do prove that in the years before the Common Era, scirbes in Palestine were writing down the stories of the people who lived there and the prophesies of a number of men who felt called to speak cautionary words to these people.

    For myself, after years of studying the work of biblical scholars, I would say that the book of Genesis is mostly myth. That is, it explains in lyrical language--as all myths do--how things came to be. The Jews--who are known as the People of the Book--certainly gave us a treasure trove of historical writings many of which--but not all--have been proven correct. Much of biblical writing, such as songs and lamentations, reflect the emotions and hopes and dreams of all people.

    And the Christian testament is also a treasure trove of stories as well as being an impressive faith document.

    For me, the Bible is a piece of literature that has influenced many millions throughout the centuries. But there are other equally important and valid pieces of literature that speak to other millions in the same way. Books such as the Koran and the Epic of Gilgamesh also reflect the beginnings of a people/culture.

    So while I value the Bible as a piece of true literature that reflects the longings of a people, I also value other writings that do the same.

    I hope this doesn't offend you, Crystal. I appreciate and admire your belief. I'm just on a different page. Or to use another analogy--a different part of the circle.


    1. Hello dear Dee, My belief in Jesus/God doesn't just hinge on what I have been taught. I have had spiritual unexplainable experiences, and been told what I have never heard or could never have read. Therefore my faith is unshakable. The Koran derives from the Muslim faith which in turn began with Ismael, Abraham's first son by his wife Sarah's maid Hagar. This faith came to be what it is today from the prophet Muhammad who was born and died, and is in a grave still today, around the 4-5 th century A.D. I am not offended dear Di, hopefully I am not that thin skinned. But my faith in the risen Saviour is unshakable. I have read many books on Out of The Body experiences, and this confirms my faith. I wonder if you have eve heard of the little girl, brought up in an atheist family, who was taken to Heaven and had wondrous experiences? She was given special talents which she now uses to exalt the creator God.
      We all have a choice, mine comes from a deep knowing and faith.
      Love Crystal xx
      I will write a Blog on a couple of my experiences.

  8. The deeper you study God's word the stronger the understanding.But I believe you begin to know it is truly the word of God when you except Jesus as your Lord and savior...then you become teachable and your understanding is more clear.

    1. Yes, I believe that also. As a nurse and having studied the human body, and how it all works, I must believe in our Creator. xx


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