Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Unshakeable Faith

I feel sorry for people who have never had, spiritual experiences.
My mother and grandparents, had a strong belief in our Creator God.
Yet as a child, I didn't fully comprehend, what they were on about.
I was sent to Sunday School, where I was taught much on Bible Stories, learned wonderful songs/hymns and how to recite scripture verses. However, this was all taught to my mind.
At the time, it didn't sink into my heart.
That was to say, not until in my late teens when I entered nursing. At this time I had a close friend, Yvonne, brought up by Salvation Army Officer parents. We both entered the same hospital, as well as doing everything else together. One evening Yvonne took me with her to a church rally. It was during the service that an alter call came, asking for people to give their lives to Christ. I broke down, I cried and cried as the congregation sang, "Just as I am, without one plea, but that thy blood was shed for me, and that thou bidst me come to thee, O Lamb of God, I come, I come."

I vividly remember walking down that long aisle to kneel at the alter, and give my life to Christ. 
Yet, my memory actually goes back before this, to a day when I heard a booming voice from the sky, call my name. 
Nine years old and home alone on our small farm, I was out in the feed shed. 
No radio or television was going and there was no one close by.
Yet my name was called so loudly, I ran outside and looked up. 
I knew at that moment, God knew all about me.
Over the years I have had, numerous unexplainable experiences.

Another which stands strongly, was experienced following a difficult birth of my last child.
I was kept in hospital longer than normal, due to a thrombosis (blood clot) in my upper leg.
I also went into kidney failure which presented with swelling to my body and face.
Finally home again I felt very tired and extremely ill.

I felt alone because my then husband, was not a man who considered he should help.
 One night, he went to play tennis. The baby lay in his crib at the side of the bed, and my other three children watched television. 
I was weak and helpless. Laying back on the pillows I closed my eyes and prayed for Jesus to come and stand beside my bed.
Feeling a presence, and thinking it was one of the children, I opened my eyes.
Standing looking down at me was a tall man.
His white almost transparent robe covered his head. He held a Sheppard crook in His hand. 
I couldn't see his face as it was shrouded in shadow. 
As I stared transfixed, he walk towards the bedroom door and out into the well lit hallway.
Suddenly I remembered my prayer.

Yes! Jesus fulfilled my request, and came to me.
He came as a Sheppard who cares for his sheep.

   My youngest baby, all grow up as a man today..  Lee-Joel and I.


  1. I've never had anything quite THAT striking happen, but I HAVE heard the still, small voice a couple times. (And one other that came from the opposition!)

  2. Your son is gorgeous & you two look so happy together. Yes, I've had an image appear in my eye & after they figured out the problem that white robed man left. Really awesome ...

    Have a great eve ~
    TTFN ~

  3. Love your testimony, how awesome our God is. I was saved when I was 15 years old, I'll never forget how overwhelmed I was by His presence, all I could do was stand before the congregation and cry. Some years ago I was going through a very hard time dealing with a situation in my life that was so hurtful. I remember receiving some very devasting news and sitting on the side of my bed crying out to the Lord, why, why...The next day I was home alone and I was in my utility room folding clothes, when the power of His spirit was so strong it literally took me to my knees. I could hear His voice in my heart, he was telling me He has never and would never forsake me. He was in the midst of my trial. I could feel Him there...Thank you Lord, your mercy endures forever.

    1. You can see your faith in your face. Its so open and good. xxx

  4. What a glorious testimony! I, too, walked to the altar for the first time as an 8 year old to Just As I Am. Still one of my favorite songs! The Lord is so faithful~

    1. Wow! You were very young and to give your life at that age is tremendous. x

  5. I love hearing stories like yours ~ God is so personal and intimately acquainted with us. It brings great comfort. Blessings xo

    1. I love to hear testimonies, it increases our own faith.

  6. I loved reading about your experiences with Jesus. I have had some too. Perhaps I should share them on my blog.

    I like your blog title picture. :)

    1. Hello, Lovely to meet you here. I hope you do share yours, I would enjoy to read others. Blessings.

  7. I love reading about spiritual experiences. I KNOW that God intervened in getting George and I together. There were just too many coincidences. We each could have taken jobs at other places. George could have gone to another church and I may never have met him.

    I remember --before moving to Tennessee (and leaving my family in Texas)--- standing on the beach asking God to help me make the right decision. None of my family or friends in Texas thought that I should leave that area and go to Tennessee all by myself... I prayed and prayed for the right decision. God made it CLEAR in my mind that he wanted me in Hendersonville, TN... Now I know why!!! Thanks be to God.


  8. Oh what a brilliant testimony!
    I think we do sing that Hymn here, at My Church (I'm Baptist; the population is mainly Catholic, so my Church congregation is quit small)[sorry my dreadful English]. Love to see you and Joel is an handsome young me.
    God bless you Both...
    Isabel, aka, BlueShell

  9. I can't say I've had a vision like that - but I have felt the Holy Spirit in my life. THat was a wonderful gift and story. You and your son are beautiful and make a great team. love, sandie

  10. Oh My...I got excited when you said you heard a loud booming voice call your name...I also experienced a loud booming voice shout out the word "Leviticus" to me after I tearfully asked the Lord what the rules to life where? while going through a heart broken experience. It scared me at the time...but I did study Leviticus and realize the Lord wanted me to live a holy life. God is awesome....he does hear us. I also agree with all the other comments that you have a very attractive son..he has a great smile. :)Thank you for sharing your testimony with us....♥

    1. Yes Dee, God is mighty and His love is stronger and more encompassing than we realise.


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