Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Boy Called Ricky

I will alway and forever, remember Ricky's name.
We lived in a country area on a small farm when my children were growing up.
There was a dirt road out front and one day I noticed a little boy walking past on his way to school.
This was at eight in the morning and school didn't go in until 9am.

After seeing him on a couple of occassions, one day I called out to him and asked where he was going.
"I have to go to school," he told me.
"Your too early." I replied, "Come inside and I'll take you with mine when its time," I called.
He did come in, telling me he would get a hiding if his father found out.
I told him not to worry, I wouldn't tell him.

My children sat at the table eating their breakfast, and Ricky stared.
So I gave him breakfast also, which he ate flat out as if it was going to disappear.
Then I got the children into the car and drove them all to school.

My son Peter began telling me that Ricky was stealing food from the garbage bins.
Then for a few weeks after this, we saw nothing of Ricky.
One morning I saw him walking to school again, this time his head was shaved.
I brought him into the house to talk to him.
This time he shook and cried as he told me how his father have beaten his puppy to death the night before.

That and Ricky having a shaved head was the last straw for me.
It wasn't as easy to report child abuse back then.
So I called the school nurse and told her the whole story.

Ricky was taken off his parents and his father made a point of calling into my house early one evening.
This was my first and last sighting of him.
He had tatoos all over his arms and looked like a jail bird.
He told me Ricky had been taken off them, and asked if I knew anything about it.
I told him I knew nothing.
Months later the nurse told me Ricky suffered a lot of psychological damage.
He'd had a hard time adjusting, and had torn off small pieces of his bed sheets, trying to eat them. 
I don't know what happened to Ricky after that? But every now and then I think of that little boy.
Every time I think of him I pray for him. I believe he would be about 40 yrs old today.
I pray he has a happy life.


  1. My heart breaks for Ricky. I am so glad you were able to plant seeds of goodness into his soul. God bless Ricky, and you.

  2. Bless Your Dear Heart!

    When Onyx taught Pre-school we had a Ricky come stay with us as well as others; a Young Mother to be, teenagers. Onyx was part of a protective safe-house Network...with extra rooms as her older kids moved out and being away from the city, how could she not offer a safe haven?
    We had a trio of sisters, the eldest witnessed the murder of her mother...we had them til the trial was over and custody was settled.
    i've often wondered about these souls..lots of tragic lives out there...

    Thank You for being there for Ricky!


    1. Hello Kare I pray these children also grew up to know the Fathers love.

  3. Dear Crystal, I'm relieved that you reported the abuse. I know that back in the seventies and early eighties people here in the United States were only beginning to be aware of child abuse. They had to get past their belief that it's not good for people "to interfere" in the lives of others, especially families. But someone has to reach out to children who know no love. And of course, the psychological affects of not being loved last a lifetime. I'm so glad you looked out the window and saw Ricky. Peace.

    1. Hello Dee, yes this was the early eighties, and as with the USA, everyone minded their own business. I remember feeling like I was in the wrong to inform about him. But looking back now, I am so glad I did. And I was fearful of the repercussions.

  4. What a very sad story and to think there are many sad stories out there. I'm glad you reported him and he was taken away and hopefully given a better chance. The best thing we can do for Ricky is pray for him. I will lift him up.

    Blessings my sweet, caring sister.

    1. Thank you for praying for him... we can't see the result, yet God knows. x

  5. Yes what a sad story, unfortunatly there are to many like Ricky still today..Thank God you reported it when you did..I know your heart still hurts for him and you can't help but wonder but Let's pray he's in a better place today..Bless you..

    1. Yes my heart still goes out to him. A lovely thin little boy with dark hair.

  6. Oh how sad.... Stories like this make me cry... There are so many kids out there in the world who are suffering because of that kind of abuse by parents... When you meet one, like you did, then that makes it much more personal... Wonder what ever happened to Ricky???? So sad.

    1. I pray one day that I find out what happened to Ricky. x

  7. Ricky reminds me a a young neighbor girl that lived across the street while I was raising my three children. The house was a virtual shack and the father would stand on his front porch and smoke a cigarette in the mornings with his white briefs on. Nothing else just the underwear. One time they caught the house on fire cooking a tongue on the stove. The children were raggedy and unkept. I found out that the father had been arrested for receiving stolen property. They had no trash service and burned piles of garbage in their field. There was an old school bus broken down in the backyard and when men came to visit the dad and them would go to the bus to drink.

    I finally managed to get my courage up and one day walked over and ask if their daughter could come over and play with mine. They said yes. A most unhappy child. A few times they allowed her to go to church with us and sometimes to eat with us but then they wouldn't allow her over.

    I too, often wonder what became of that sad, unhappy child.

    1. How terrible.. you wonder why people do this to their innocent little ones. I love my children and my grandchildren.

  8. Sadly too many children like this suffer. Thank God Ricky had you to pray for him and hopefully his life improved after he left his family home. Unfortunately, children are often also abused in foster homes. I thank God for those foster parents and adoptive parents who truly do have love for the children.

  9. And there's hundreds of thousands just like him.

    1. Yes, there are some evil people out there. I believe thats what abuse is. Ray and I saw a man mistreating a boy in a supermarket one day. Ray had to contain himself not to take to that man and I had to keep my tongue. I felt if I said anything the child would suffer for it. Actually we should have followed them and taken their car number plate details.

  10. I hate hearing stories like that - poor Ricky. Sandie

  11. Sadly, so much goes on behind closed doors, that many either don't know about or choose to turn a blind eye. I'm glad you remember Ricky and continue to pray for him. T

    1. Its a helpless situation. But God knows all. xx

  12. Poor dear Ricky, I pray he is happy now and has a fulfilling life. It is good you intervened.


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