Monday, August 6, 2012

Digging for Opals and going bush.

How people desire to dig for precious stones, I can't imagine.
I have never been one to like a lot of jewely.
I wear a wedding ring and earings, and thats mostly all.
Going through this opal town, shows how earnest people can be to try and make a fortune. 
We passed through miles and miles of lumps of dirt piled high, in search of precious stones.
Better watch your step.

Many of the inhabitants of this area live underground because of the summer heat and the night time winter cold.

And the church is underground also.

Humans are all different. I would not be happy living under the ground.
But is was very interesting to see.

We did stay at a huge Outback Cattle Station, that is the Australian name for a ranch.
Look at the size of this place. One Million,twenty eight thousand, nine hundred and sixty acres...
 The Toilet Block.
The eating area. No a-la-cart here...just plain old bush tucker.
Ray and Gus outside the sleeping quarters.. And an exorbitant $175. a night in the middle of no where, you need a place to stay.

"In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind."
 (Job 12:10)


  1. The sleeping quarters look like converted shipping containers. I wonder if they are?

  2. I do love the beauty of opals. I like the underground homes and the church but perhaps too claustrophobic for me, plus I love flowers and greenery. Those are hardy folks that live there.

  3. That is really interesting, thanks for showing those photos.

  4. I could not live underground at all! But those pics were fascinating-

  5. Dear Crystal, once I taught a class in the subbasement of a building at the College of St. Catherine's in St. Paul, Minnesota. All the time I taught, I sort of felt I didn't have enough air to breath. No windows. No outside light. No air I felt. So I'm sure I couldn't live in this homes built in rock. The last time I saw a picture of a home built underground was when I read one of the "LIttle House on the Prairie" books. Thanks for taking the time to snap all these wonderful photographs. Peace.

  6. an underground house...this is neat to see. The signs are funny

  7. How cool, an underground village! I don't think I could live underground. Not being able to look out the window would make me very sad.

    Thanks for sharing your visit with us. I enjoyed these pictures.

  8. WoW...I have never heard of this place where they live underground...I do not think I could live underground...I need windows. I am really enjoying your trip and appreciate you showing us such interesting sites.


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