Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Why Write Romance books with a Christian Outlook?

My husband has a habit of asking WHY in response to almost every question asked of him.

Hello readers, as a young woman who had been brought up in Sunday school and owned a Bible.
I still found it difficult to understand the Christian way of life.

That's when I began to read Christian romance books. There wasn't the selection variety back in the 60's and 70's. Yet I found them and I read them.
I learnt a lot about God's love from those stories. So now I use my education derived from nursing, psychology and Bible college, to bring other woman to a gentle way of discovering Jesus.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

I have just released my seventh book. "Consuming Fire: A Plastic Surgeon's Desire." -
YES! To God be the Glory.

There are many WHY's in regard to Christianity.

WHY be a Christian?
From my own experience, it is because of the faith bestowed on me, that has enabled my strength of character and peace of mind, over the years.

WHY Jesus?
Why not?  He left Paradise, the most perfect home, to come to earth and shine his forgiveness and love on all.  Not only that. He also took the punishment for our wrongs, upon himself.
He was beaten, ridiculed, and finally crucified, a shocking death, - and he did this- for me - for you - for all of us.

WHY care for others?
Because Jesus gave the example by caring for us. To be grateful and appreciate all that he did, we follow his example, in our attitude and compassion to our fellow man.

My stories don't jump in and hit the reader over the head proclaiming the faith.
Rather, like Jesus taught us by example, they teach the reader, to be, loving, kind, and clean in all thoughts and deeds.  They lead the reader gently into God's presence and grace.

Read what is right.
Read what is wholesome.
Read to be encouraged and inspired.
Read to understand God's love for you.
Fill your mind with what is good.

The True story of Jesus - is a Love Story for Humanity.

Take a Peek at this latest Christian Romance.

All these stories relate to the unique Australian Outback.

  Where Emu's wander across a highway.

Where road sign's need be heeded.

Where attention for survival is a must. Carry Water, and Petrol.

Sunrise and sunset is the worst time to hit a Roo and have an accident.

Remain safe at night by congregating with fellow travellers.

Beware: Highways are used for plane landing by the Royal Flying Doctors.

It is vast and it is different.

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