Saturday, March 11, 2017


That's easy!!

Reviews can be short or long.

If you don't know what to write, and if you like the book. Just write I loved this book because it made me feel happy.
This book gives encouragement to the discouraged.

There are lots of little words you can write about a book. AND, its very helpful to the author.


SNEAK READ   Chapter One   Breaking Free

Page One

 Run Mia run – you can do it! Talking to herself – urging herself on! – She was her own coach yelling from the sidelines!

Would her terrified brain connect so that surging adrenalin could charge through her body giving a desired rush of super-human strength? Would her legs get that essential blast to speed them on with a power beyond her fragile ability?

Unable to resist one last backwards glance – she swiveled around for a quick look at her home for the last seventeen years. No lights thank goodness –, her heart pounded with dread yet glee – she’d done it, she had broken the bondage and was fleeing away from their controlling authority – but not for long – unless she hurried!
             Thankfully in the last hour rain fell— muting any sounds of her sneaking departure. She had quietly closed the back door behind her, not wanting to leave any immediate clue of something abnormal. Wet clothes and cap with rivers of water dripping down her face, she felt entirely liberated for the first time in her life.
Run, she reminded herself again stumbling and almost falling, before righting herself and taking off harder. Faster and faster – pretending a savage dog was hot on her heels she fled. Her shoulders began to ache from the heavy pack jogging up and down; pounding against her back. It wasn’t allowed to slow her – no matter the cost. Two blocks away from these Islamic family streets was all she needed and then she’d be safe. Safe to catch the taxi booked the night before under her new name, and to a different address.

She had planned this for three months and planned it well. Right down to not leaving her hijab behind. It lay screwed up in her jeans pocket. Jean’s, the fantastic clothing all young people wore. Her stepmother would have scrutinized her through narrowed eyes if she’d seen them, then gone off on a barrage of humiliation about how –, no respectable Muslim girl dressed like that.

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