Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Peter's Paradise Pad

I returned from spending a few days, some 800 kilometres north of where I live.
MacKay, far North Queensland was my destination.
My son Peter is now living at Kolunna Resort, 150 metres walk to the ocean.
 I had to be careful parking underneath the coconut palms..
I don't need dents in my car body from falling fruit.

                                A swimming pool welcomes before Peter's front door.

                                No 34= 7     Welcome in the name of the Lord.

                                A ceiling fan whirls to supply all three rooms.

Cool comfortable and just the right size.

Wild Whistling ducks come begging for breakfast.

Sun sails protect the cars at the shopping centre.

We met a special little boy named HAYDEN.
All dressed in a cow suit. 

For those who don't know. Peter is my second eldest. He had been off work unwell. 
Thank you to the many who prayed for him. I am so grateful!
He is back to his old self and rejoicing....Praise God. 
God Bless you all. 
"He sent His word and healed them, And delivered them from their destruction's." 
(Psalm 107:20)
"Be Happy"


  1. I am so glad Crystal! I bet Mum is back to normal then too..haha!

  2. I hope he's back to work soon, as well. A certain amount of routine (and income) is good for us.

  3. PTL that he is well again. That is sure a beautiful place.

  4. Hi Carol, I feel better that he is on the road to recovery. Have to pray against this spirit of infirmity.

    Georges, His doctor has okayed him for work. Hopefully he will be back in his drivers seat soon.

    Clint, Blessings to you.

  5. One fan for the whole house - we don't have them here - that is so smart and way cool. And the sun covers to park your cars - we don't have that here either.

    Glad he is doing better.

  6. Praise God! This is fantastic news!

    Love the pics, looks like a great place to be.


  7. Hello Crystal Mary. Rejoicing with you that Peter is well again!
    I spent Christmas in MacKay once, with good friends, I think in 1997. It's my only visit to Aussie so far.The wildlife is fascinating.

  8. That place looks so inviting and warm!!! Just dropping by to wish you well and may the Lord's blessings be upon you abundantly.

  9. Crystal Mary,

    I'm so happy Peter is feeling well! Thanks be to God!

    What a wonderful place he has... everything is so green and beautiful. I love the Parrot, and I am happy, for you and your family.

    God bless you!

  10. Sister,
    Very beautiful post with nice and attractive photos...
    best wishes.

  11. Hi Sandie I love ceiling fans, couldn't sleep without mine whirling almost all year round.xx

    Dear Child of God, Its is so good to belong to the body of Christ.

    Vilisi, I now wonder where you live??? Are you on Thursday or one of the other islands??? I worked with a girl from the Cook Islands once. She wanted me to go live there with them..I will never for get her.

    Dear Rose, The Lord bless you also.

    Hemant, Blessings brother.

  12. Sun sails for the cars. I would love it if we had those here. It gets soooooooo hot in our parking lots -- - - especially when the temps are in the upper nineties. It is a beautiful, beautiful location. What a blessing to live there.

  13. Peter's paradise pad is beautiful. May God's blessings of good health be with him.

  14. Hello Crustal Mary. Falling fruits or nuts? ha ha.
    As far as homes go, this one looks like the type of place I would like. Hopefully He will be able to stay there for a long time.
    Begging ducks, I know just what it's like, not wild ones though.
    A man carrying a baby; Chick magnet! Your photo says it all, he, he.
    May Peter regain that which was taken from him and go on to do great things.
    God bless you my faithful friend, Geoff.

  15. Praise God for the healing.
    God bless,


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