Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Old Man Emu

 Every time I look at my photo of Ray and our little dog Monty with the Emu I have to laugh.

 We were staying in an outback Caravan Park where an emu roamed.
I thought it belonged to the owners, so told Ray we needed to keep an eye out that Monty didn't take after it.
Ray isn't used to the antics of emu's and let Monty off his lead.
Immediately our little dog took off, chasing the big bird.
Around a shed they raced, out of sight while Ray and I watched, horrified that we'd be asked to leave the park.
Next thing Monty comes running for his life, with the tables turned....
The emu was chasing him at full speed.
Monty ran behind a stunned Ray and myself, diving under the caravan for cover..
Gosh we laughed!!

I went off to apologise to the Park owners.
"Oh, he doesn't belong to us," they reassured.
"And don't feed the thing or he'll be knocking on your door day and night."
Well, it was too late. Ray had already fed it and now we knew who'd been waking us up!

Poor Monty, he kept well away from that big eyed emu in future...
There is was no way, he could out run one of them!


  1. I don't know why - but the WIggles singing about Emu's just popped in my brain. sandie♥

  2. Hi Sandie, thats because the Wiggles are Australian (Ozzies)lol and sing that song also...

  3. How funny is that...chased by the emu.

  4. I can just imagine it all, how hilarious! I'll ring you tomorrow, it's been an eventful week.

  5. Ooh - too funny. I can picture it in my mind. Thanks for sharing your story.

  6. wow, that is so cool, I have never seen an EMU before. Interesting looking bird.

  7. Oh, how funny!! I wonder if emus can be as dangerous as ostriches?

  8. Yes, they can be dangerous in the wild away from usual human contact.

  9. My mother told stories of emus when she was a girl. Yes, if cornered - or chased by a dog!-they can bevery dangerous! Your dog was fortunate! A fun story!

  10. I'm not a big fan of birds, but I'm slowly starting to like chickens. Being around an emu by myself seems pretty scary! Glad your dog is still safe!!

    I saw that you are following my old blog "A Handmaiden's Journey" which I no longer write on. I now write on Hanging On, which has a new look and new writing style. Hope you check it out! http://hangingon-alli.blogspot.com/

  11. Good Morning, Crystal!!
    I can realize that today is Friday for you in Australia, while we are still living on Thursday evening in South America. I usually check out my mail in the evening, especially in Summer Time when the day time is very hot. Well, the story of the emu, your dog and your husband is quite interesting. I am glad your dog is safe after all. Emus roam, and they could turn really fast as they might chase someone. I have only seen emus in Steve Irwin's TV Programs. In fact, I indulge in your inspirational videos, especially the ones with dear Steve Irwin, whom I still love with all my heart. Just looking at his videos, seeing his pretty face there, it made me cry as tears rolled down my cheeks. Paul thought once that I was in love with him, for I never missed his TV programs. Steve was a real hero for animals, our natural environment, and conservationist like me. Have you seen my blog about that?...
    Thank you so much, sweet friend Crystal for posting and bringing up this amazing topic to your world of readers!! You are an amazing friend, Crystal. Thank you for posting comments in my journals blog, sweetheart!!
    God bless you each day and forever!!
    Love in Christ,
    Poet Starry Dawn.


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