Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Celebrate Giving God Thanks

Thanks Giving fall's on the 24th November this year.

Many people complain and whine seeing nothing to give thanks for, yet we are very blessed.

I desire to Thank God for -  HIM - and all we have been given.

AIR to breath

BIRDS that sing for us all day

Colours everywhere

Dads caring for family

Evening to rejoice

Families appreciated

God who created us

Games to play or watch

Happiness given

Joy found in many things

Kindness to all

Love conquers all

Mother's heart of love

Notes of kindness

Open doors

Precious pets

Queen who rules

Rich Blessings

Stars millions shining

Time to wake up

Universe displays God's majesty

Victory over evil


Xrays help doctors know what's wrong

Yellow the happiest colour.

Zai, my grandson.

 Happy Thanks Giving to everyone. God loves you.

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  1. Hi Crystal ��
    What a lovely blog post. Yes we do have so many things to be grateful for, even during tough times. Oh, and yes, I love yellow too. Such a happy, friendly colour ����


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