Monday, May 7, 2018

MYSTERY in North East Tennessee

Love the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

The music with banjo, guitar, fiddle, together with clog dancing.


Who is the mystery healer concealed in the Great Smokey Mountains of East Tennessee? Why does he need to keep his identity a secret?

Marni Granger is a young woman who lives at the base of the mountain. As a child, falling against a hot cooking pot, she burns the side of her face. Being teased at school and later stared at as an adult, Marni remains living in isolation with her grandfather. Her one friend is a half wolf dog, rescued by her as a pup.

Marni would like a life similar to other young women, yet she feels all this will be denied her due to her facial deformity.

Heading off to the base of the mountains to pick berries, she wanders up and becomes lost in the dark. When her pet disappears, Marni is terrified and cries out to the Lord for help. A mysterious woman in white calls her name then leads her to a large cabin on the plateau.

Here she will meet a handsome man and the hidden surgeon who performs reconstruction operations, un-allowed in 1885.

Did you know that Davey Crockett's grandparents graves are in this town??  
They were massacred by Indians.
Crockett Tavern in those days 
The Crockett Tavern Museum is situated about 15 miles from Rogersville, at Morristown. 

Davey Crockett's log cabin is also not far from Rogersville. In a different direction to Morristown. 
I was amazed by it, built without a nail.. on a rushing river frontage. Take a picnic and spend the day. 
How it looks now. (me there)

How it looked before.

Sitting looking over the Smoky Mountains, of North East Tennessee.

At the base of these mountains is Gatlinburg. Ray and I were married at Pigeon Forge -  close to there on 12th September 2004 by Rev Keith Leonard.

Psalm 96:11-12  (KJV)

Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad; let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof.
Let the field be joyful, and all that is therein: then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice.

ARTICLE from Newspaper at Historic Rogersville, Tennessee.


  1. Sounds interesting, Crystal! Hope you and your family are well!

    1. Thank you Sister Ann Marie. God Bless your kind heart. xx


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