Wednesday, May 30, 2018


The most encouraging blessing to an author is to read a uplifting review.

My latest book (Post below,) is soaring. However, it needs reviews. So I felt very happy when I read this one.
The book does have another three - 5STAR wonderful reviews.

This is my latest 5 STAR review. 

5-Stars! “A Great Faith Fiction!
In author Crystal Mary Lindsey's The Mystery Healer of Smoky Mountain we read a tender-hearted story, which I believe was written under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. For Marni Granger's journey up the mountain... how she was lead there and all that happened shows readers God's blessings.
That this author was able to show us the unseen blessings of Lord is a testament to her faith and made me a fan for life. If you're looking for an author whose work will build-up your faith, I highly recommend Crystal Mary Lindsey! 
Yes, all my books are written under the Holy Spirit influence. 
The things I don't do as an author, that most authors do
I don't map a story out.
I don't work out my characters prior the story. 
I don't have an office to write in.
I don't set times apart to write. 

What I do.
I begin to write and the story unfolds itself as do the characters. 
My hubby has taken over the office, and its a mess. 
So I write on a lap-top while sitting in my recliner. 
(I haven't been well for a long time)
I count my blessings, I praise God and talk or sing to him constantly. 

When I look at one of my stories, down the line, long after its published, I can't believe that which is written, actually comes from me.  Well... that's how I know its from the Holy Spirit.
Gods grace is sufficient. ALWAYS..


shy, you are important to me. 

(Just as you are to our Heavenly Father.)

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